PwC Graduate Programme 2020


So, is there anyone who already applied for these postions?

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I overheard that PwC usually walks through a process of recruiting within six weeks, which means you may have to attend the interview during this time (if you passed the online-gaming and so on)

and if someone could tell me, i will be arriving in the UK this sep, would it be okay to apply now and have interview at that time.


Basically it is a rolling base, which means the earlier the better. However, arriving on Sept. would certainly be fine.
I got a question. I wonder from where I could practice the online-gaming from PwC. Cheers mate.


Hi, i asked some people who already got this job last year. normally, it might take 1 hour to complete based on common sense in working places. So don’t feel worried about this and if u wanna know more about the structure of this part. maybe u could register with invaild info, to gain an insign of what it is


Besides, i also bought a practice packag from Graduate Monkey, i didn’t see any relating to the gaming


hi! Thanks for your reply. I also bought practice package from AssessmentDay and got no info on the game.


Hey guys i have applied for Graduate, Audit, Aberdeen, Spring 2020

and got the message for the game based assessment… there is no deadline mentioned in email but normally by when do have to complete it ??


normally, it should be completed within 3 days. i guess u already finished this game when i replied. how do you feel about the game? a friend of mine said that she made it to the next round for a score of 8K, and i think the standard of entering the next round may not be so tough


I competed the game the next round is the video interview round… where i have to record my answers to the questions being asked.


the challenging part of the game was 2 rounds one was there were multiple faces being shown and we had to guess the mood or state of mind of that person by seeing her/his expression.

second was the game where we had to generate maximum power i guess there was no logic behind that but just pure luck…

10 questions in total with just the last question being mathematical round which test your math skills… rest 9 are just i guess testing your other skills


thanks for your feedback. yap, the mood identification can be a bit hard as the faces seem quite the same to me. the last part is basically nuemercial reasoning, some of the questions are tricky as the calculation process is time-consuming. hope you can also do a good job in the video interview.


Anyone here done the video interview already?


yeah i finished the interview ?

we had record answers to the questions.

there were 10 questions in total


Hey Kam, could you give me some tips? And if it’s still fresh in your head, do you remember any of the questions? Cheers


sure no worries

so first question goes by q1 what have you enquired about us ? why pwc ? how excited are you to work with us ?
q2 was a small clip about technology and they aksed you did you learn something from this video yes or no box would be there
q3 was about a client who is lacking some tech features you being a pwc associate how would you pitch this service of tech that pwc has made to client … (like an extra thing with audit)
q4 was a video about virtual reality
q5 was that a colleague of your’s has shared a problem with you… how would resolve this issue ?


q6 was What you’ve discovered about us ?
q7 was what youre looking for in this role ? and career at pwc

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q8 was a case study a fraud has happened at client…
a person created suppliers who are fake and is processing payments to them… hefty amount of fraud is done… what would you do ? in this case

q9 ws about Which qualities do you bring to [PwC] ? Your career goals?

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You are a star! Thank you!!!


hahah you’re welcome buddy… i am waiting for my response… hope i get in


did you get my pm with regards to question 8?