PwC Graduate Programme 2019


Sorry, my programme is assurance but in Reading :joy:


oh i see then. i think would wait until 2020 fall intake. many THANKS! your sharing is quite helpful!


Hi, I am attending AC on 19th July in Reading! Can I ask you some quesitons?


Hi, I am attending AC on 19th July in Reading! I wonder how many candidates are there for one slot?


Normally there will be 10-12 candidates


who can tell me where can find the online test!!!please!!!


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okay, thanks! By the way do you know how many people will pass?


hi here,

I will attend the AC 18th July in Bristol.


Hi there! Is there anyone attending PWC AC on 19th July in Reading? Want to know someone in advance. Thanks!:grinning::grinning:


has anyone who attended the ac on 11th July got the call yet?


Hi @Shiyi_Jia Could you also share the new AC material to ? Thanks a lot!!


I don’t think there is a fixed rate for it. It only depends on how well you perform.


Hi, shiya

could you send me the material of the new ac to ?

Thank you so much


okayyyyy~~Thank you~Will try to practice more!


Hi, how was the assessment center today?


Hi Jessica,

Can I friend you on WhatsApp or WeChat, whichever you have? I have my ac coming up soon and hope you coud offer me some insight on it. Thanks~


hey guys! I have passed the AC for London Assurance 2020 Spring, however, the person who called me the other day said the position has been filled and I am in the reserve list. Has anyone been in the same situation as I have? Would really appreciate it if anyone would like to talk about it :slight_smile:


hi Chris,

congratulations! can I know when you attended the AC?


a friend of mine had a similar experience as u, he wsa told that he would be in the waiting list although he made it to the final round. usually, this implies that if someone who already won the offer reject them, then u will be considered by the HR, and lucky enough, u can get an offer then


I have passed the PwC Career Focus Day and am willing to provide general support and tips for the AC and Video Interview.

Please add me on WhatsApp - 07492413634