PwC Graduate Programme 2019


can u share ur experience about the ac plz? I will attend it next week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Anyone know how long PWC take to get back to you after the video interview?


Well, in my case it took them approximately 5 working days.


Sorry for the late reply!!
The assessment day is structured in a very easy way so you don’t feel lost. Everything will be cleared out for you and you’re welcome to ask any question. A calendar will be given to you and you have to finish the tasks outlined on time.
You have project meetings with your team where you discuss everything about the project in hand and two assessors join you at the table so they can see how your discussions go. Try to not talk over everyone, build positively on their comments and backup your opinions.
Also, there’s a written report (1000 words). I advise you to start writing it as soon as it’s the report time on the calendar. Don’t feel pressured just absorb as much information as you can and write them down.
At the end, there will be a coaching interview which is quite chill and you only chat about the day and how do you think they can improve it.

That’s pretty much it. Be yourself and be friendly.

Best of luck!


thanks! was that the feedback or a decision for the AC?


Hi, does anyone know if you’re allowed to change service lines once you’ve applied and what the process is for it?!? If anyone has any information that would be great!!

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You’re welcome.
No, you only give them your feedback on the day and later on, they call you with both a decision and feedback.


oh no sorry I meant about after your video interview lol

Been more than a week and I got my feedback, just wondering when do they make a decision about if you get invited to the assessment centre


Hi guys~there are only ac in 4.29,4.30 and 5.1, but I have exams those days, I apply the autumn intake, can I change to 2020 spring intake to get more time to prepare for the ac? Will the position be filled up for the autumn intake if I want to wait to see id there is other ac dates?


I am going to pwc AC on 9th May, anyone had the pwc AC material from graduatejobguide for assurance, plz message me.


Hi, is there anyone who reapplied pwc after 6 months but got stuck at stage 3 video interview? Last year I was rejected after stage 3 so I was given stage 3 to do right after I reapplied, however, every time I clicked the link to start video interview, it automatically sent me a rejection email saying I have completed it and did not meet the benchmark, which is the exact same one as I received last year (because the feedback shown on portal are the same) but actually I did not even start doing it.
Is there anyone who come across this situation too?


Has anyone heard back about the Spring 2020 management consultancy AC yet?


Hello, I had this problem too. I accessed the video interview via the email they sent me from hirevue i believe. I’ve contacted HR and they said its an error so try that to see if you can access it.


No, I have only heard that I have passed the benchmark for the Careers Conversation last Thursday… Not sure when we will hear back regarding the final outcome.

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Ah crap, I haven’t heard that I made the benchmark…

Assume I’m gonna have to wait till after they’ve considered everyone who wasn’t above the benchmark


Anyone that needs help with the AC can pm me, happy to help


Hey guys!

This thread is very helpful and it helped me a lot! Thank you

Is there anyone that applied for PWC Dubai assurance, and got an offer ?


Hi! I’m going in take the 9th May ac in Leeds, do you have some information for the ac?Please!Many thanks


Just got the email inviting me to Career Focus day, anyone else?


I also got an invite. Are you able to book the date and time? When I click on the link it is saying that the event is no longer available for registration and to contact them for alternative options.