PwC Graduate Programme 2019


Any international students who have to switch their tier 4 visa into a tier 2?




Me too. I don’t have any tips yet~:sweat_smile:


When is your AC? Mine is tomorrow :slight_smile:


That is genuinely the question I have asked myself for the last week lol, you figure out anything?


hi, hope didn’t bother, could you plz tell me what is the case study in the video interview for management consulting? I’m nervous and my ddl is tomorrow. Thank you very much!!


hey mate, how did you find the case study? I have to to this interview


still have no idea about what’ll happen. I’ve read some basic typical types of management consulting case study such as market entry, market sizing and profitability. but idk are they relevant to the one in video interview. good luck for us:)


Ahh cheers, well good luck to you!


Hey just finished. The case study was easy. Also about summarizing pros and cons of three softwares.


cheers! you nail it?


yeah. You?


yes did it last night, unfortunately didnt go as well as i would’ve liked but oh well! you got any idea when they’ll get back to us?


Haha i have no idea. Maybe a long time:)




Now I am on the Pwc game-based assessment stage, could anyone who did this and passed give me some tips or sugesstions?


Yeah I did it and I’ll try to give you some tips without giving the game away. you need to give yourself a good hour to an hour and a half to get through it with sensible breaks in between. There are 9 Levels to the games (with one big break in the middle somewhere) with the first big section being the games and the last section is the more traditional tests you might take, look online at the PWC website to try out that part of the test if you’d like. Remember to have water with you and that you have warm hands.

A word to the wise, whilst some games are time based, others are based on your cognition in certain situations and you should understand that and make sure you find a balance between an instinctual and strategic choice, as I felt thats what the game wants to test from you. However that is something the game will make clear to you.

You will be given a score at the end and even though people on this thread have said that around 9500 points is enough to get you through, the quality of what you do and how you score on the last two sections don’t add to this score and so it doesn’t matter much and you should always persevere through the test. Hope thats helpful!

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Thank you very much…so you mean on the PWC website there are some mock tests for me to practise?


Yes there are, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in trying to find them as they are on the PWC page.

Good luck!


can u share ur experience about the ac plz? I will attend it next week