PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Hi Guys,

Has anyone received an offer here for Management Consultancy in Manchester ?


Hi guys, anyone have an AC on 18th Feb at London?


Mines on 20th Feb! Good luck!




Hey guys, I got through the AC for Deals but I’ve got a final interview, I didn’t know there was another stage. Does anyone know if this is just for certain people or is this always the case for the Deals stream? I imagine it would be the case for consulting too if so but I can’t find any confirmation.
Any advice on the final interview would be extremely helpful too! Thanks everyone and good luck to those who have their next stage coming up!


I do yeah, starting at 1pm.


Hi, I have an AC coming up for Assurance and I was hoping to get some specific advice and areas of interest that I should prepare beforehand.


Hi alli,

I have mine on 21 Feb, when is yours? What are you doing to prepare


Could someone clarify the dress code for the career focus day please?


Any help?


Business attire. You can’t go wrong with a suit (for a guy) or smart trousers/skirt and blouse (for a girl), but obviously wear whatever you’re most comfortable in either way.

During my career focus day, all of the guys wore suits and the two girls who were there wore skirts with a blouse and heels.

I know the email says business casual, but remember to ‘dress to impress’ as it’s such an important day - I’d also prefer to be over dressed than under, personally.

Good luck! Which division are you going for?


Thank you very much for that Stephen it’s much appreciated. I am going for the Assurance Spring programme


You’re welcome!

That’s the programme I’m joining on - which location have you applied for?




hey I was wondering if you have any tips for the assurance AC???



anyone know if they offer advances for the first month’s salary to help people with relocating expenses i.e. rent, deposits etc ?


Could you please give me some insights about the AC day?


Hey - does anyone have a AC on the 28th February, London office?

Would be nice to know someone before hand! :slight_smile:

Mine was yesterday 20th, but I couldn’t make it because I was very unwell :confused: so got rescheduled to 28th!


I have. Which location will you go to have AC?


My PwC AC is at the London Office. Is yours the same as well? :slight_smile:

What did you aplpy for? Mine is Assurance!