PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Hi Dami,

Congratulations on your offer once again! I have some questions regarding career conversation. Would you mind pm me to provide some guidance?

Really appreciate your help! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey if someone is keen on prepping for the ACs or VI in teams, please DM me!


yeah , feel free to pm me !


I got an invitation to AC for a management consulting role. Will there be case interview for consulting roles?


Hi, does anyone know how long these grad schemes last for. I’m in the Reading office for Assurance and have just found out it last three years for me but I was also looking into London and read (from Bright Network) that the grad scheme there is 2 years, I’m a little confused by this. Can anyone clarify?


I would say, to my knowledge most if not all grad schemes offered by PwC are 3 years regardless of service line or location. The mainstreams service lines ( tax, assurance etc) are all for 3 years in London.


As far as I know, because consulting don’t study towards becoming a CA, that grad scheme is 2 years. So if you do a consulting grad scheme with PwC it’s 2 years!


Anyone with an offer for assurance starting in September registered for the ICAEW yet? Also did anyone get the email about the L7 apprenticeship enhancement to the grad programme?


Hey Dami! :slight_smile:

Hope your well. I was wondering if you could provide me with some insight on what the PWC AC was like and what the structure of the day was like?

I have an AC coming up!


Anyone doing group prep for PwC Ac next week?


For the people who have already received an offer, just wondering when do we register for our the exams/ studying?


Hi there, I have my AC next week as well. How should we do the group prep then?


Hey guys. I have my AC on Feb 20th for April start date. Anyone want to group prep?


Got my AC on 20th Feb at PWC London office!

Will be great to do group prep! :smiley:


Me too! I’ve got a PWC AC on 20th Feb (London office)

Will be great to know someone before the AC and maybe work together on some group prep! :smiley:


Ah great, what role are you applying for? I’ve PM’d you


Assurance, Business Risk & Controls. You?

Mines the 8.00am slot on the 20th feb!


Yea mines 8:00 am too! What office is your role at?


London - 7 More Riverside… that office! you?

And what role did you applied for? :slight_smile:

Should we prep?


Oh I mean what office is the role you’ve applied for at? I’ve applied for assurance! I’d love to prep, could you shoot me a pm? (Not too sure how to PM on here)