PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Is accepting the offer — on the embark page, so that pre-screening can get underway — equivalent to being contractually bound? I still have interviews to do at other companies so don’t wanna consign myself to this place just yet…


I have an AC on the 1st of February. I applied for Graduate Consulting PWC Research London.

From reading this entire thread, I am still confused on whether there is a one to one interview or not…

Can anyone clarify???


I am in the same position. Do you think we can still back out once we accepted the offer?



I have my AC on February 8th for research consultancy London too- from what I’ve read seems to be a reflection at the end not really an interview.


there is about 20min long coaching interview with one of the assessors. Questions are only regarding that day, for example what did you like the most and why. Nothing competency based, so no need to prepare


is there anyone that can help with EYs video interview Assurance ( that got through ) for a trade with PwCs AC in depth help? I got an offer from Pwc for a grad scheme (Assurance london) but trying to help out a really close friend with EY’s summer internship


Sure, whats your email address?


can you pm me , its not allowing me to message you


Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the employment contract after receiving a call offering the role?


Hey, I passed the test and I put:

Best - You offer to help her on Saturday
I don’t think it shows good team spirit to ask your entire office to work overtime so someone can get to the pub. That is an unreasonable ask that after a long week, some people will not appreciate. It could create rifts if not everyone agrees - eroding group cohesion. Team work is about helping one another and not overloading anyone. You show that you are thinking about your colleague with the report, but don’t show that you are thinking about the rest of your team (and the wider implications). If you would like your colleague to come out for drinks, you only have the right to decide how you can help, not the enitre team. Just how I see it. I see that some other people on this thread put differently and still passed though!
I say this as I used this philosophy to answer all the questions. Asking for advice when it’s necessary, but being mindful that other colleagues/managers are also on busy schedules too. So maybe this may help you for a future test :slight_smile:

Worst - She can do it Monday
This runs the risk of the report not being ready on time/prepared properly. In general all the questions you answer should have the least possible impact on the client. Its best to not ask the client for a deadline extension, but pick options that can be done to still deliver on time and with the least stress for the client.


Same. Received my offer over the phone on Wed and I was told to receive my contract next week. I did this survey they sent me, but other than that I haven’t received anything yet.


@Nims Have your received any other emails besides the survey and an email from immigration?


Hmm no nothing received else? Immigration? I don’t need sponsorship so maybe I don’t receive this email.


I received my offer letter within two hours from the call. They give you username and password to their internal website, you have to log in to access the offer letter


hmm okay didn’t receive my offer letter yet :frowning: will call on Monday and check but yeah no he told me next week so don’t know.


Hi, have you received the contract yet :frowning:


Hi, Does anyone know when this years Management Consulting grads will hear if they have been successful or not? …I was given conflicting opinions at my AC (the person doing my 1:1 actually told me I’d have a final interview if succesfful which I now know isn’t true!!)


Hey, I’m at a bit of a crossroads. The graduate management consulting scheme for PwC has just opened for 2020 Spring. I have an AC for Consulting Research London coming up. I’d prefer to work as a management consultant.

Do you reckon its possible to switch over if I received the offer?


Can you send game images to Thanks


Anybody else starting this April on the Assurance Graduate Scheme? Getting close now and I’ve not heard anything since accepting my offer letter (and completing online tasks), I know they said six weeks prior is when we’d hear but ahh just want to know…