PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Just finished the AC at PwC and this was hands down the WORST assessment centre I have ever been to (and I’ve been to about 10 for placement/school leaver position in the past).

The amount of information that they expect you to filter through in such a short space of time is ridiculous and quite unrealistic with regards to the actual role you’ve applied for. There is no way to plan for their AC.
Luckily I have other offers on the table as I’m not holding high hopes for this one.


Is it that bad? If you could do you again which way would you recommend tackling the tasks/ going through all the information


It again**


I wouldn’t say you need to do any calculation at all. Just identify which figures are important.

Hmm the presentation was presenting to the assessor but with the group - you need to be prepared for what you are going say and they will ask questions after and make sure you speak up.

I would say research the service lines that PwC have and what each can offer to clients. There’s a lot of reading they expect you to do and this will help lessen that if you have an idea already.


I recommend reading the last email of each task first to know what is required of you. Then read all other emails on your laptop after that and find data to back up your opinions. I say this but in all honesty, even if you followed that procedure it’s extremely tough to get through the vast amounts of data sent to you. Many of us at the AC felt the same and couldn’t even contribute much to the group prrsentations as we couldnt get through all the data in such a limited amount of time.


Thanks for the information. Do you have to navigate yourself around the building or is everything done as a group?

How long do you think the report needs to be and how would you structure it? What are the key things they want from the report? Is it a list of projects and you have to pick the best one?


Thanks a lot for this, how much detail do you reckon learning about the lines of service in? Do you have to propose a solution that PwC can offer to the client?

Also for the ‘coaching interview’ does this contain any technical questions or motivational questions such as why pwc and why the role, or is it simply reflecting on the day?


Should we bring our own laptop to the career focus day? And could you tell me how long for two presentations?


My AC was at the Birmingham office and the rooms we had to go to were all right opposite each other so don’t worry about navigating around the building and you’ll be with 3-4 others in a group aswell (apart from when you go for the coaching interview ofc)… The report wasn’t too difficult, I think everyone found this by far the easiest part of the day… it’s a 1000 word report and there are 3 main business questions you need to answer in it… Along the lines of SWOT Analysis, Biggest Risk to the company and Recommendations.

In the group discussions, there is a case study of a business with TONNES of information and they have objectives. There are 4 main solutions to choose from and you read for 15 mins, choose one yourself and discuss within the group over the 1 solution you all agree is most relevant and helpful to the company and then present your findings to the HR team assessing in the room, they may ask questions as to why other solutions were not chosen so be prepared to answer those!

I’d recommend doing some research on the PwC Service lines however when you are given the information in the exercises, you’ll find even more service areas that PwC operate within that you wouldn’t have found when looking online so just be wary.

The coaching interview consists of 4-5 questions, quite informal and no need to prepare anything beforehand. They’ll just ask how your day went, what you felt went good/bad, what you’d have changed or done differently, how you would build relationships etc. and your professional career aspirations.

I hope this helps and i’d like everyone to do better at this AC than myself! One thing I would say is, don’t pin your hopes on just this AC… My group really struggled at the AC and struggled to come to terms with the sheer amount of data and information being thrown at us at once so just try and do your best! You will struggle but even if you don’t understand the data or can’t get through it all, just try and contribute and speak in the group as much as possible!

Good luck!


No need for that, they’ll provide each person with their own laptop and personal calendar on the day.


In the report did you do a SWOT analysis for all available recommendations or just your chosen recommendations ???


In the report did you do a SWOT analysis for all available recommendations or just your chosen recommendations ???


The report has slightly different objectives, you need to discuss the best solution to increase customer satisfaction and the SWOT analysis relates to just the company itself (what they’re doing well, what they’re not, and external opportunities and threats)


Hi guys, can anyone who has received an offer and completed all the on boarding tasks please PM me! Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi there! I also applied for London but end up with a Bristol AC on 28th Jan as well.
Would you like to get some preparations together?


I have completed all the on boarding tasks :slight_smile:


Which service line did you apply for and Is the tasks your given specific to your service line ? Is everyone at your assessments applying for the same area ? Any help i would be very grateful Thank you


Thank you so much for your detailed description. Could you please help me with the following questions:

  1. How many group discussions/presentation are there on the day?
  2. Is the individual task is to write a report or the individual task is something else?
  3. What was that task where you have to look for emails and where you recommended to read last email of each task. Is that a group discussion task, a case study your working alone or the report task?

I’ll wait for your response :slight_smile:


Hi Solenne, just wondering have you done video interview for PwC summer vacation scheme? Do you mind sharing some insight about how does it work? Thank you and really appreciate it.


Hi there! Congratulations on your offer! I am currently at the career conversation stage. Was wondering would you mind sharing some insight about the type of questions that were being asked?

Thank you so much!