PwC Graduate Programme 2019



My friend started not long ago and mentioned that they will only get in touch with you should they need further information. Otherwise, they will get in touch in August for you to confirm if you got the 2.1 :slight_smile:


Ah I received the same email, I just assumed they would confirm everything was fine!


That’s so good to know!! I’ve been freaking myself out thinking I wouldn’t have a grad job come September for the past couple of weeks! Thank you :grinning:


When is your AC?


Mine took approximately 10 days


Hi Dami,

What wage was offered to you for your graduate program? Also what program are you doing ? (accounting , tech etc.?)

They offered £20k for me which I think is rather low…



It’s on the 28th January- do you have one coming up?


yeah sure. Pm me


pm me


Nah, just wondering.

Cause I’ve passed the benchmark for my interview, but apparently im behind a que for an AC!


I’m under the impression that the salary varies significantly between london versus regional offices


Anyone know a good place to practice for the written assessment part of the AC?


Is it actually a written assessment, Ive been told its a report you write on a computer instead. Could someone please confirm this? Thanks


Sorry I didn’t mean to confuse! I was told it’s written up on a computer and not handwritten.


yes you use a laptop


Thanks Chi


Ah okay- have you heard anything yet? I’ve got a few weeks till mine to prepare luckily! There’s some helpful information on this feed too


Hi guys thanks for the thread, it’s mega useful! I have my AC in a few days and I am so nervous! Anyone know what report they ask you to write about for the assurance programme? Also why do we need to know about the other service lines? Whats the significance of them ie are we asked about them?


Hello people,

This thread is so big. Can anyone tell me the structure of AC/career focus day in detail?

Or of someone has answered this question already, please copy that response.

Thank you


No i haven’t :confused:
I hope PWC will send me an invite soon!

Honestly feeling so stressed! I will keep you updated tho! Good luck for your AC!

I’ve got a BDO AC and RSM AC at the end of the month!