PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Hi! Thank you so much for the information. For which programme did you apply? :slight_smile: I have my AC on the 10th January and I am super nervous and just started to prepare.


Anyone get an AC on 18th of Jan in Manchester?


hey guys, does anyone know when pwc spring 2020 applications will open, is it usually around march? thanks.


Hello I have an AC for management consulting approaching very soon could you please whatsapp me on 07535406288. Thanks


Hi, would you mind pm me your wechat? i am completing the onboarding tasks and would be great if we could discuss some of the issues:)


Yes of course!what’s your WeChat?I can add you.


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Great;) my wechat is teeca_chen


Hi does anyone know what we need to do after completing the ‘my task’ section?


You have to send off your pre-employment screening via email . Thats all ( from my knowledge )


do you mean by step 2? thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, Congrats on your offer. I have my AC soon. Do you mind giving more details and advice please? I would really appreciate it.


Found out I’d got an offer by phone in mid December but still haven’t received any on boarding information or tasks?? Should I have by now?


Hey! When I received my offer in October, onboarding information came from HCCS. Have you checked your junk/spam folders? If nothing is there I’d email HCCS at and just ask.

Good luck!


I received my offer during that time as well. Received few emails regarding the on boarding information 2/3 working days after the phone call. I think it is better double check with your junk mail or call them now


Does anybody have any idea how long I should expect to wait between meeting the benchmark for the video interview and hearing back about the final stage?

I have another offer on the table, so time is sensitive, but I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity with PwC!


I’m still waiting, I’ve rang a few times but worried I’m beginning to annoy them.


Hi- I have been invited to AC, applied for London but couldn’t book for that location so ended up booked for Bristol! Anyone else had this problem? I’m not sure whether to ring them and check there are no London dates.


Anyone know how long it takes to hear back from on-boarding after you send in your PES form? I’ve been waiting over 13 weeks now.


Maybe there are no response and we just need to wait? I don’t know, I also sent my form and received an email to confirm it with a saying that there are not additional action needed to be done at current stage.

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Thanks everyone, i’ve emailed hccsonboarding, copying in hccsstudentrecruitment too, in the hope of reaching the right person. I’m sure now i’ll get the info soon!