PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Do you have an offer now?me too,could you like to tell me your contacting way(like email address or whatsapp)then we can discuss following steps .

I am sorry I am unfamiliar with this website.

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not sure i got the offer a week ago and havent got my contract yet, they said around a week though


I received the offer letter after 2 working days.


Have you finished the tasks,before receiving contract,we need to finish some tasks


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what tasks


Have you received emails with offer,there some tasks online,just some personally information requirements


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i had to fill in a survey thats about it


I got that aswell today


Hi! Can you please share the game images with me on thanks


Does anybody know when we will receive the actual contract??


They said approximately a week, but its been about 8 days and i’ve only received the survey




Have you finished the tests?before formal contract,we need to update some of our information online. I am currently in this step.


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I received an email yesterday stating that they will contact me in the new year with regards to my application as a decision has been made after I attended the careers focus day on Tuesday.
Is this a positive sign? Are they just waiting to inform me of an offer over the phone? I applied for assurance grad scheme spring intake!


@rose96london can you please email the game images that u have?


hi we are the same, have been told to inform on New Year, but no idea what will happen.


Nope. They haven’t sent that to me yet


I just received an email saying that a decision has been made for graduate assurance spring 2019 but they will be contacting me in the new year with my outcome. Is this a positive sign?


Dose anyone has finished the tasks and received the contract?


Merry Xmas everyone! The details already shared on this thread have been incredibly helpful but with my AC rapidly approaching any further information on the written case study or presentation that could be shared would be very much appreciated. My email is Thank you!