PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Congratulations!can I ask you how PwC tell you your result?by telephone or email or both? I finished my AC over 5working days but I get nothing.


I found out through a phone call within two working days but don’t worry you should hear back soon. Im sure it will be a phone call, followed by an email with your offer letter if you are successful! This was my personal experience so may differ :slight_smile:


I did mine 2-3 weeks ago and receive offer the week after, followed by an email this week. But i think it is subjected to different position and location. Mine is London.


did mine on the 26th nov and it took almost 3 weeks till i got my offer


thanks all of you who helped me!I got my offer today!good luck to everyone.
And here is some of my experience in the AC,sorry because I am the new user,so I just can reply 3times in this topic, I don’t know why. But if you need my help,I am happy to be contacted.
Here is my experience of AC
There are three group discussions,and after the first one,there is a written test,and after the last one,there is a small presentation.all the members in my group are very friendly and supportive,and finally there is a interview,just some general questions about the day.the assessors also very nice and friendly.
Good luck to everyone who hard working for the job.


Anyone got invited for an AC in management consulting ? I will be attending one on the Jan 17th in London :slight_smile: happy to do some prep together beforehand


For those that have done the new AC format, was the written exercise an hour or 30 minutes? Thank you in advance !


an hour.


Thank you


Guys! I’ve just done the game on the app, I logged in with that key number thing, there was no maths at all in the test!!! I played the game and got my score! However the on the ‘candidate zone’ thing where you access each stage, it said that there will be an aplititude test and a scenario test thing but I ain’t done any of those. - I rang the recruitment line and they said that my second stage is still in progress - any idea what’s going on?


Does assurance Spring 2019 deadline driven or rolling deadline?
Has anyone here received their offers?


half a hour in my AC


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math test at the end,I remember it is the 9th game.


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Was put in the same position. Any updates? How did things eventually turn out??


I got invited too but doing it in Edinburgh on the 25th… hoping I’m not at a disadvantage picking a later one!


Did you get an invite to an assessment day? Mine says I’ve met the benchmark after the VI but then says my responses are being reviewed.


Yes,after reached the benchmark they will rewiew your application form,and then will be an invitation of AC.I remember I waited about a week.

Good luck


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Thanks mines been a couple of weeks now and a little worried that the spots will be filled by the time I get an AC day.


Hi there, how long does it take to receive the actual contract after an offer? x


I got an invite to an assessment centre 5 days after receiving an email that I passed the video interview.