PwC Graduate Programme 2019



I think the location and programme you want are big factors!
What and where have you applied for? :slight_smile:


London, assurance graduate program


yeah me too! i think this must be why.


they said to me about a week after the offer


Hi could you email me too as I have my ac this week and have a few questions


So much great advice here,
thank you everyone!!!

So I’ve applied for my Undergrad placement year here and I’ve just done my Situational Judgement Test - I’m shoooooook about the next part ‘Game Based Assessment’ - is there loads of maths or not? Would you advise I get someone to go through it with me?



How much and what kind of commercial awareness is necessary to have for the AC?



yes there is a numerical test


I would not advise you have someone go through it with you, the purpose is to asses your ability on a level that finds your suitability to PwC and the role you’ve applied for. Your results won’t be fair and honest if you have help.

However, it’s not a particularly difficult game. You can’t really practice for it, except with the practice game they recommend. So do that!

Maths wise, one of the puzzles is maths questions, so yes, you could do some maths practice prior (just general numerical reasoning tests are fine).

Good luck!


Finished my AC today.

I can’t thank enough all of you guys for your advices. It was worth it especially regarding the group discussion. I completely fucked up the written report. But I don’t know why the assessors always start writing something whenever I start speaking in the group discussions… Nearly told them to stop fucking assessing me.

For others yet to attend AC and for those waiting for AC outcome, goodluck to all us…

Again, many thanks guys


Hi, I have applied at PWC for 2019 intake and awaiting my assessment centre day. I’m wondering if you could give me more detail about what to do. I understand you must of had lots of request.


I have completed my Career unlocked yesterday. I got 9580 and immediately got an email that I am through to career conversation.
Can anyone share their experience/questions that I can practice? Also, how much time do I have to complete this?
This is my first ever digital interview so kinda worried!



Questions mainly centres around why pwc, why the role you applied. Try to always link your answer to the pwc professional framework and you 'll be fine.

Good luck to u


Thanks for the info. Is there a specific timeframe that you are given?
Also, I saw some people saying that they get congratulations emails as soon as they finish their career conversation. Does it mean, its just a formality?


I think the video and analysing a scenario are timed. But other activities aren’t.

Congratulations depends on if you reach the benchmark


Anyone still waiting to hear back from their AC? Did mine few weeks ago.


People who got offer from Pwc do you know when you guys start your role?


Does anybody know how much PWC pay interns on a weekly basis, precisely the London rate if possible. Thanks


When I attended the AC, I was told the first Monday of September


Hi,dose there anyone get their feedback recently?I finished my AC last Tuesday