PwC Graduate Programme 2019



May the old and new gods bless you. :rofl::rofl::rofl: many thanks


Hi~there~Can I ask you when you finished your AC? And in where? Many thanks


yeah had my AC on the 26th november in london


Thank you so much and congratulations! I finished my AC in last Tuesday and waiting for the reply now


Is there anyone going to have his/her AC on 18th Dec at 9:00 in Birmingham?


hi there, could you pm me advice for the presentation or email? my email is



Will PWC give you a paper to write down things you find interesting during the group discussion or when trying to analyse the report. Is it advisable to bring along my calculator? For the group (or individual) presentation, do we have to do that in a powerpoint/prezi format?

The Assessment anxiety is fucking real:rofl:


Yeah you get a book to write your group discussions. You could also make notes on your laptop , which is so ideal. You should bring your own calculator. The presentation is extremely calm in the sense, its just your group "pitching " your ideas to the assessor. There is no powerpoint etc formats


can we look at our notes whilst talking in the presentation?, also, how much are we expected to say during this, thanks


Thanks Dami. That’s helpful. Did you got my reply to your pm?


You guys may be interested to hear that I used zero calculations in my written report, but rather simply quoted and compared some numbers, and still got excellent feedback and an offer. This said, the feedback did say it would’ve been even better to have showed some numerical analysis.


Which AC you goto?


assurance london on the 20 something of november


When did you hear back? I did mine mid Nov and still waiting to hear back


So does that mean offers from ac in November has been out now? Anyone who attended ac November have not called yet? I am so worried.


How big are the groups in the AC?


I had mine at the end of November and nothing yet too!
Fingers crossed.


Mine was about 10-12 but they split you for each group discussion


I hope they don’t give offers according to the time as I knew people who attended December ac but had offers.


Does anyone know when they will start sending out contracts?