PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Ah okay perfect hahaha do you know if they add more times and dates for one location. Right now I see for London only one date and time suggestion and I don’t know, if I should wait in case they add more options for London or just pick the one that is available.


In the same boat. Applied for Assurance London grad scheme. Was told they would start contacting people from the 10th.


I see, good to hear that I am not the only one!

I think it must be a London, Assurance thing as I have applied LDN too.

Hopefully hear before xmas would be nice.


Here! could you email me I’m willing to prepare together.


yes, sure. 18310129096


Hello All,

I have recently applied and cleared the SJT. On to the game based now. Any specific advice before I start the test?
Also, How many points required to clear the test?


did you apply for the spring intake as well ? :slight_smile:


guys !!! i just got an offer for the grad job assurance 2019. So excited. IM SHOCKED. Goodluck to everyone still applying .


WOW! Congrats :smiley: did you got an offer for spring intake or September ? I have my AC for Assurance London in Jan, hope it works out for me too :wink:


wowwowowow congratulations!!!

Please do you have any advice to offer regarding the assessment centre? got one coming up next year and had no experience on AC so far… thankss:)


Goodluck man. September intake. Feel free to pm me !


hi when is your ac?


ME2 just got an offer by call, but there’s no emails like offer letter etc. Same for you?


Congrats to you. I really need tips on how you tackled the written report and presentation bits.


pm me


yeah , same !


Got the call from PwC today around 1pm with a job offer! i found this forum really helpful so will answer any questions that people may have!

I applied for London Assurance, Autumn 2019 intake


It can’tallow me to pm or I don’t know how to do it. You can email me at

Many thanks


Super congrats for a well job done. I’m just scared of the written report bit and presentation. Any tips would be helpful. tnks


Yeah sure, ill say what i did and what worked for me.

For the report make sure you are setting it up well, so good layout, headings, titles etc. use a variety of sources when making your points to show extended reading, these sources are provided to you. I didnt reference or anything i just used facts and figures from some of the material provided to us when writing the report. The report requires you to do things such as make a SWOT analysis and make recommendations for a client. just make sure you are being clear and concise and answering the questions.

For the presentation, you do this in your groups and its not like a proper presentation, (our group did it from sitting down). your basically given a information on a client which youve got to read and questions youve got to answer. you cover these answers in the presentation. Make sure that you group has a clear idea of what it is that needs to be done and that you set enough time to be able to plan who is going to be saying what and when.

General group discussion tips would be: be confident, seek feedback, actively listen to who is talking and dont interrupt people. Use peoples names when you can to show you’re building relationships. Try to lead to discussion but dont try and dominate it. This is from my experience and im not sure if the day varies depending on service line.

Hope this helps