PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Most we do for our applications is waiting…


Is there anyone going to have his/her AC on 18th Dec at 9:00 in Birmingham?


i received the same thing, ac invitation awaiting


I’m same day in Birmingham.


hi, I’m same in the next week, can I add you on wechat?


still waiting for assurance london (spring). didn’t receive info about outcome of VI or sponsorship and submitted early Nov


Anyone is up to do some group discussion preps, please let me know! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Bethh Hi Bethh can I please ask you some more questions about the assessment centre? I have been invited to one in Bristol but have no idea what to expect. Thank you.


Hi Stephen, I have an AC coming up and was wondering what the day entailed. Did you have to do psychometric test? and how was the overall experience - thank you.


Same. Really frustrating!


Hi guys, so I had my AC this week, I received some help from some ppl from this forum which i appreciate a lot. So I’d like to share some insights in return to ppl who are expecting an AC.
My tips:
1: its better if you know Pwc’s major service lines( assurance, consulting, technology, data analytics …etc) and brexit.
2: TBH, i dont think you can prepare much for AC, everything goes on with the material they give you. It’s like pwc now aim to conduct AC in the way that they dont want to see prepared answers, they just want to see what person you really are and how you really how in a team.
3: Its very TIME-PRESSURED dont expect to read all the materials ( as a non-native speaker i really cant finish but i know the natives didnt manage to finish reading all either) I’d say, absorb important infomation in a limited time is really really really what you can do. ( i didnt even go to the bathroom LOL i wanted but i just had to focus on the work to save some time hahahah)
4:All of my teammates are native, some of them are really kind and try to involve me in which is really nice. some of them are really aggresive and tried to dominate the discussion.
and I’d really like to discuss with all of you, in an AC group discussion, do you think its better to read all the material first without discussion and then disscuss or you think its better to discuss while reading materials. I personally prefer to do the reading first, there were too many materails to read, and its quite distracting if ppl discuss and you are reading… I was quite distracted by the discussion and didnt manage to read some information.
So my tip would be read first and then discuss about the topic, it would be helpful if you can have some silent time to read and collect essential info to discuss later. ( its ok if you disagree with it, coz i know ppl have different preferences)
5:there is no psychometric test, only discussions and writing a report.
6:dont be nervous and be kind and be yourself.
Overall, i didnt think im successful in the AC, my major problem is that i read slower than my team . So, when they started to discuss while im reading its hard for me to discuss while read the materials (they started to discuss right after the time started…PWC didnt set apart reading time and discussion time, i’d recommend if you can do it in your discussion) So in the first discussion i didnt contribute much.
I know areas i have to improve and i know i have to be braver to talk. But i really learnt a lot from the day.
Good luck to you all.


Spotted few mistakes,
in tip2 its how you really work in a team. Sorry.


Thank you for your response. Were the materials difficult to comprehend?


Omg, when I tried to choose the AC location it showed that Manchester has no place, there’s only Leeds, Edinburgh and Bristol left, I’m not sure if they will release more places in Manchester or not. I’ve asked them but they haven’t replied yet.


Hey, I applied for London Assurance (Spring Intake) too so you had a final interview as well besides the Careers Day (AC) ?


The material isnt difficult, there were just too many of them, and you have little time …


Thank you for your response. I’ve got an AC coming up and I feel pretty nervous. I don’t know what to expect at all. Can I please email you to ask some more questions? Thank you! :slight_smile:


I did the AC on Dec 6 so it’s been 5 Business Days already. Hopefully I hear back by next Thursday or im going to have to call them. Someone in this thread said they took their AC on Wed and heard back the following Monday. Weird


There isnt a final interview for Assurance. the final stage is the AC !


Hi guys, at the AC I was told I would hear back within 1-2 weeks. It has been just over 2 weeks now and I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat?

I have applied for an Assurance placement and see mixed things about people getting the phone call from PwC.