PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Do read my post above. Maybe give them a call tomorrow and ask what their status on sponsorship is. Tell them you’ve been waiting a month for your VI response too. Don’t give up!


Thanks guys. I’ll update with you.


I will! It is sucks that get rejected due to the “no-ability-problem”!




Was told at the AC that we’d hear the outcome by yesterday 10/12 ………Assuming they contact the successful ones first - i’m concerned about the fact i’m still waiting :frowning:


Nah don’t overthink it. I was told I’d be told of the outcome on the Friday of the week my AC was, they didn’t tell us until the following Monday so it was a stressful weekend. Just give it time :slight_smile: good luck!


Hi, I received the same email on Friday and they asked me about my overall percentage I received for my Bachelor degree. Did you already get the invite for the AC? :slight_smile:


Hey, buddy, do you have any feedback information? I called them, but it does not work.


I’ve been told there was a technical issue with my video interview and I’m going to have to retry it, has anyone else had this issue?


Yes. How about you?


Not yet :frowning: did it take them long to come back after they told you that you met the benchmark and for which programme did you apply? :slight_smile:


May I ask when yours is?


Hey guys, I’ve received the invitation for AC on 8/9th of January. I think I’ll choose 9th of Jan in Manchester. Anyone on the same day and location?


Assurance in Birmingham


8th Jan. When is yours?


same! Tuesday right?




So sad that I still havent receive any thing of my video interview. I called the recruiter team but the girl has not help on it… I submitted it on 13th last month lol


Had final interview for London Assurance 2019 intake. It’s been two weeks and still have not heard back. Anyone in same boat?


Same here, was told at the AC that we would hear back on the 10th but that may be ‘subject to change’. Have seen others on different forums still waiting to hear back also