PwC Graduate Programme 2019



2 days before my AC




thanks man


I just received a call saying I passed the assessment centre and have got the role! I am so happy! Don’t worry to everyone waiting to hear back, I’m sure you will soon!!! :slight_smile:


What date did u do ur assessment centre?


Congrats dear. Pls do you have any tips/advice for us that are yet to have our ACs. Thanks


Amazing! Congrats!! What intake are you and which location? :slight_smile:


I did it on the 5th December! :slight_smile:


congrats!!! could you please provide us with some insights?


Thanks :slight_smile: They asked me about my Bachelor grade. I did my undergrad degree in Vienna and we have a different grading system so I hope it will be fine. I did my Masters in London so I hope I get the invite to the AC soon. Good luck to you, I hope you hear soon from them!


Congrats! When did you have your AC? I had one on 29th and received not feedback yet.


Hi what division and region have you applied for?


I applied for assurance in outer London


don’t worry! I am sure you will soon its probably just that it takes longer if you applied to London. my ac wasn’t long ago at all haha it was just last Wednesday, December 5th


Guys, I received an email from the recruitment team. They says I cannot meet the deadline of the visa sponsorship of the spring intake, so they will withdraw my application. Is there any tips for me? I was really down…


OMG!? What!? I think I may would get the same problem like you…Actually the outcome of the VI is really make us waiting for a long time!


Hi did you apply for London position? When did you have your ac? I might have the same problem


How long does it take PwC to get back about their decision after assessment centre? Had my AC on 6th Dec I am guessing I will bear back by Christmas/2 weeks on Dec 20th but hopefully I hear back by this Thurs the 13th. What do you guys think? :smiley:


Yeah, I applied London position. I have not been invited to attend AC but I passed VI.


I had the same issue. Still have. I called recruitment team saying that we would not be able to process our sponsorship before January in any case. We need to send our documentation in January so that the home office can process it then; it cannot be done before January at least.

I followed with an email; explaining having waited a long time for the VI (nearly four weeks) and that there is no way I could have done sooner (as Tax Spring 2019 opened in November); asked them to push the deadline further as it’s not fair on us having waited and gone through the process with no indication at all. It’s only fair to push the deadline for sponsorship further given that they took more than 10 days (usual time) to review our video interviews.

Call them and try to push through your case. I did it today and will try again tomorrow. If there is enough people that try, I am sure they should be able to accommodate us in some way given that they failed to notify us of proper deadlines and took their time reviewing VIs. Don’t give up yet. Explain thoroughly and do tell it’s unacceptable on their part. The Home Office doesn’t process visas for us 3 months before starting in any case, which should be in January. And PwC can apply for premium service for us if we make it through, which would mean our visa would be processed in a day or two.

Good luck and keep us updated. I will do the same.