PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Hi, saw your previous messages, I got my VI results after about 3 or 4 weeks, but i called them and they gave me the result within a week.


I already waited about 4 weeks and I received the email said they would give it within 2 weeks. I feel hopeless…


No need to be rude by saying fat rejection! You haven’t received the job from PwC yet and do not work there so I would advise you not to be rude to Tony, you may have not meant to be rude but to me it comes across like that aha He has only asked how long it took once - He is probably anxious which I can understand!


Totally agree with you!!! Finding a job just like gambling that relavent with time and luck rather than the ability.


Note to anyone spreading rumours on here, if you’ve posted personally identifiable information, along with posting rumours/misinformation about PWC, then take into account that they’re probably monitoring this forum, and anything you say on the internet is on there forever.


Anyone going to the new joiners social in Manchester?


Hey ,

Please could you give me any hints/tips for the AC. This is my first and I’m fucking freaking out. Thanks x


Hey Guys, I received yesterday an email saying that I met the benchmark and someone from the recruitment team will now look more into detail into my application and will contact me. So does it mean I passed the VI and I am in the final stage? And how long did it take for you guys until you received an invite for the AC.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I attended the AC, they clearly stated you only needed to reply to the one email


No you didn’t, just one I think it wasn’t


That sounds great! I hope you can get the invitation!


Thank you so much for relieving my worries…you are amazing.


Received an email this morning (Sunday, I know) that I met the benchmark for the video interview and they will now review my application as a whole in more details.

Don’t forget to check your junk mailbox peeps.


Has anyone heard back from the AC in London?


hey mate, how many days did it take u to receive this email after receiving your feedback?


anyone applied for management consultancy in London had their ac yet?


Nearly 4 weeks bud. They did email earlier this week to notify they had loads of pending VI to review and would get back within two weeks from when they sent the email. They’ll get back to you soon enough, don’t worry.


nope. been over 3 weeks now


i had mine in london on the 26th and they said they will aim to have a response by the 10th (tomorrow)


For guys that have already had their AC. When did you had your candidate connect call with the recruiter?