PwC Graduate Programme 2019


Hi Steph,

Really appreciate your suggestions. Thank you so much. Good luck to you!!



Hi Steph. sorry to brother you again but I was wondering if you knew anything about the reopening of London positions in the future.


Positions will open and close like usual when they meet the number of positions (rolling basis) so it’s impossible to tell when exactly positions close. Since there are grad intakes in both September and April, I’d assume this is why there are still ACs going on now.

If you mean when do London positions open in the future AFTER grad schemes (aka you want to transfer after you have started a grad scheme elsewhere) it depends on the number of vacant positions, if on the PwC website there are associate / SA positions available, you may be able go transfer and apply. If you want to transfer teams within PwC (aka join PwC then move), you can only really move in the transfer window after your first 2- 3 years.

With Brexit commotion, a lot of the Big 4 have been hiring more so than ever :slight_smile:


hi, just asking if you have ever received a colleague call before your intake? I missed a call from the hr in Birmingham office saying there’s nothing to worry about but she has something needs to mention to me. I sent her an email today but she insisted to talk about this on the phone. I wonder what this is about.


The normal application process is for student recruitment to call you once after your AC to tell you if you were successful or not.

Any other calls will either to be to discuss other options if there aren’t vacancies in your role, or if you requested a transfer. It is impossible for me to guess what student recruitment is wanting to call about lol, but if they say don’t worry then honestly don’t worry about it.


I have accepted the offer at the beginning of August, is it possible that they want to discuss other options after accepting the offer?


Did you find out?


not yet, have you received a call as well? are you 2020 spring intake?


If you’ve accepted the offer on embarking (whatever the onboarding site is called) then it is unlikely that something regarding your role will be changed, since the contract has already been drawn up.

We don’t know for sure until they call though!


No I’m just being nosy lol. I got rejected after the VI.


Hi Steph,

sorry to bother you again. I was told that Glasgow office has had enough people, which means currently there is NO office I am able to transfer my application to. Do you think I can wait until October as I heard last October PwC reopened its London Assurance graduate schemes.

I also find PwC’s customer service is a decentralised system where I have to come to HCCS when making a transfer request and staff at HCCS would tell me that the transfer request needs to be reviewed by HR before it is complete. When I come to HR, they would not reply to my email unless it is sent by HCCS. Felt like a vicious cycle. Nobody is actually taking care of me.

I was thinking if I should speak to HR manager in London with regards to going back to the reserve list, if possible.


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I am preparing for Audit Graduate Programme 2019 in London. I would appreciate if you could share with any tips and materials. If there is any whatsapp group, please add me 07784649761
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Hi Chris, sorry for the late reply. Has HCCS / HR told you what the other options may be for you?

In terms of waiting for the next intake, this may be possible, I’ve heard of some people being transferred to the next intake. However, from what I can see this is uncommon, as HR try to place everyone ASAP. PwC are very good with offering flexibilities, but I can’t really provide much else information.

I’d recommend sending 1 more email to HCCS, and asking them if it would be possible for you to contact the HR manager directly.


Hi Steph, thank you for your email. I have contacted HCCS several times and they told me that HR is reviewing my application, however it has been a month. I also asked them what options I have CURRENTLY, and they said I had to wait for HR to contact me. Maybe they don’t know what to do as well at this point. Since my visa expires next March, I am aware of PwC’s policy that I cannot be considered for next autumn intake.


Thank you all very much for the useful information.


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