PwC Graduate Programme 2019


Hi Steph,

sorry to bother you again. I was told that Glasgow office has had enough people, which means currently there is NO office I am able to transfer my application to. Do you think I can wait until October as I heard last October PwC reopened its London Assurance graduate schemes.

I also find PwC’s customer service is a decentralised system where I have to come to HCCS when making a transfer request and staff at HCCS would tell me that the transfer request needs to be reviewed by HR before it is complete. When I come to HR, they would not reply to my email unless it is sent by HCCS. Felt like a vicious cycle. Nobody is actually taking care of me.

I was thinking if I should speak to HR manager in London with regards to going back to the reserve list, if possible.


Hi guys,
I am preparing for Audit Graduate Programme 2019 in London. I would appreciate if you could share with any tips and materials. If there is any whatsapp group, please add me 07784649761
Best of luck,


Hi Chris, sorry for the late reply. Has HCCS / HR told you what the other options may be for you?

In terms of waiting for the next intake, this may be possible, I’ve heard of some people being transferred to the next intake. However, from what I can see this is uncommon, as HR try to place everyone ASAP. PwC are very good with offering flexibilities, but I can’t really provide much else information.

I’d recommend sending 1 more email to HCCS, and asking them if it would be possible for you to contact the HR manager directly.


Hi Steph, thank you for your email. I have contacted HCCS several times and they told me that HR is reviewing my application, however it has been a month. I also asked them what options I have CURRENTLY, and they said I had to wait for HR to contact me. Maybe they don’t know what to do as well at this point. Since my visa expires next March, I am aware of PwC’s policy that I cannot be considered for next autumn intake.


Thank you all very much for the useful information.


Hi Rita, would you mind sharing some insights on the video interview? May I add you on WeChat?


can i join your group please ?


hey shiyi, would you mind me adding you on WeChat?


Thanks Shiyi, I just sent you a friend request:)


Hi, I’ve recently get a AC invitation.

Could you please share some material about AC, great Thanks.
Or else, add my wechat huanhuan1996327

Many thanks!


Hi guys,

I have just completed the video interview. I was wondering how long PwC take to inform you if you have or not been successful to attend a AC?




Hi guys,

I got a call yesterday saying I had passed AC, but roles for my location and service had filled up already. I have been given an alternative list of locations to put a ‘transfer request’ to.

Does anyone know what this process involves and the likelihood of me still securing a role is?

For info, I applied to Audit Graduate Scheme 2020



I have my AC next Monday and I’ve already been informed that the programme I have applied for is full.

If I pass the AC then I will have to go through a similar process, hoping For the best !


Wow London audit 2020 is already filled up?


I also got an offer from PwC eventually. I find this website very useful and thank everyone that helped me before.


Hi Chris,

Congratulations on your offer !!!

I had my AC yesterday. I was wondering how long after your AC did you receive your offer ?

Thanks in advance !


Hi Numaan,

About two weeks, hope you can hear back soon :slight_smile:



Could you please clarify what role / office / intake session you applied for?

I find it quite surprising that London Audit Autumn 2020 has been filled before the end of October, when I know that many people applying to this scheme have only just received offers for the Career Conversation.




I am in a similar position, however according to Game based scores I am only a good fit for

  1. Consulting
  2. Deals
  3. Actuarial

However these 3 service lines the roles are very popular and have already been taken.
Audit and tax there are a lot more positions to fill compared to the other service lines. So I think as long as you have a strong business case to as why you are considering a change in location you have a good chance of securing a role.

As for my situation it’s a bit of a shame That I’m limited for choice at this time of the year, as all the roles I qualify are filled and the only hope i have is for consulting in Northern Ireland.

If I don’t manage to secure a role I would have to go through the whole process again which is daunting!

Good luck with your transfer