PwC Graduate Programme 2019


Hey guys!

This thread is very helpful and it helped me a lot! Thank you

Is there anyone that applied for PWC Dubai assurance, and got an offer ?


Hi! I’m going in take the 9th May ac in Leeds, do you have some information for the ac?Please!Many thanks


Just got the email inviting me to Career Focus day, anyone else?


I also got an invite. Are you able to book the date and time? When I click on the link it is saying that the event is no longer available for registration and to contact them for alternative options.


i caught the email like 3 minutes after it was sent out, and led me to two available dates (20/21st May)
Just call/email them? I’m sure it will be fine :slight_smile:

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Hello. Did any of you attend the AC in Birmingham on 23/04? If so, have you heard back?


Also, the job I applied to is no longer being advertised. I’m under the impression that I’m still being considered for it. Should this concern me?



I´ve been invited to an AC on the 20th of May London for the Graduate Management Consulting Programme for spring 2020. Anyone else in the same situation?

I would love to get some advice/info on the AC process and any recommendations.



i attended the same day and same place, did you get any calls from them until now?


Any other offer holder based at MK (for sep 19 start)?


yeah, I just got an offer, good luck to u


Hey, I have my AC on Monday, could you be able to say generally how it was (easy/hard) and how your performance was overall, just as a benchmark for a successful AC?


Is there anyone who got offer in Manchester? I got one, please contact me.


Hi, same situation here. Seems like we are going to the same AC. Do you mind adding me on WhatsApp? We can discuss about it


Sure, what’s your number?


Any Chinese going to the ac? maybe we could build a wechat group?


Yes, what’s your Wechat number?


Same here. Do you have a WhatsApp number?



zrq33333. Are you going to the 8:00 am one on 20th?