PwC Graduate Programme 2019


I have an AC next week, can someone PLEASE help with tips ! its my first AC


I finally got the offer today!! :slight_smile:


Congrats!! :smiley: I got my PwC offer today, but for autumn intake!! :smiley:

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That’s great. Do preparation, but under the guidance of professionals. Contact Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX for any kind of help.

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Hi guys, could you psot your scores from the game and write if you passed this stage? I got 9400 and i didn’t got the offer :frowning:


I think it really depends! I know some people who got 3,000 who went onto the Assessment Centre but I also know people who got 10,000 who were there too! Not sure how that works, maybe the pass marks are different for service lines, or maybe you’re assessed on individual stages of the game.


It’s worth remembering you get 1,000 points for the Numerical and Diagrammatic levels irrespective whether you got them right or wrong.

It’s how you tackle each level which matters not just the score you get. My personal assumption is (I could be wrong):

Games which are assessing your risk tasking ability (Are you trying to be calculus or just going for it)

  • Balloons
  • Higher/lower business
  • Electricity generator

Games which are assessing accuracy but also how well you recover from mistakes and how you respond to dealing with multiple data sets

  • Light Bulb and Maintenance level
  • Left/Right arrows level
  • Even/Rounded level

Other games

  • Unlock digits: Assesses perseverance (Do you know when it’s time to give up and move on)
  • Faces: Assess your emotional intelligence (The same emotions can be represented differently by different people)
  • Cards memory game I don’t think they really want you to remember a maximum of 24 levels – but do you use resources available to you that can aid you completing the level well
  • Numerical and Diagrammatic: Numerical ability and problem solving abilities

Hey guys,

Does anyone know how long the background checks take? I’ve accepted an offer but don’t want to quit my current job until the background checks are done.


has anyone applied for management consulting spring 2020 start?


Yes I have, did you get an offer for the video interview?


nope not yet, did you? it says you will find out on 1st April on the website.


Nope neither have I, didnt realise it said that! what did you get on the online game?


Hi Dami, Congratulations on your offer! I have my AC coming up this week, just a bit confused on how to PM on this. I would really appreciate talking to you to get some advice if you have some time. Would you mind PM please? Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


What time are people getting to the welcome event tomorrow?

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Starts at 10 right? I think Tea and Coffee starts at 8:30 so probably will get there for 9ish


It’s for people starting in April


Ok nice thanks, that’s along the lines of what I was aiming for


Anyone know what the career conversation will actually entail? not looking for the questions, just what the jist of it was


Hey dude, you mind if i drop you a message about this stuff?


The career conversation is just a typical video interview stage like any other application process. Just involves pre-recorded questions that you are given X amount of preparation time and Y amount of time to record your answer. You get 1 attempt.