PwC Graduate Programme 2019



About a week :slight_smile:


Wondering if anyone has gotten a call/feedback yet regarding their AC on the 28th Feb, London office?

Cause I know someone who got a call on Monday and they got an offer for the placement/internship scheme they applied for, but I haven’t heard back yet! I applied for Graduate scheme though!

Is this bad news? Cause in the older thread, if im not mistaken, I saw a discussion on someone saying that PWC usually contact successful people first?


I got an offer yesterday after completing an assessment centre on the 5 of Feb.

They contacted me a week after the AC stating they had to wait 10 - 15 working days in order to give everyone else a chance - which is fair enough.

I wouldn’t worry :slight_smile: I imagine someone from the recruitment team will be in touch soon.


okay - thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


I received my call/offer the day after the AC on the 28th.


Did you apply to London as well?




What did you apply for?


Was this for grad or placement?


It was Grad scheme - Assurance - Spring Intake - London


Hi Dami! I have my AC soon and would you mind give me some details about AC? I have no idea how to pm you, so would you mind pm me and some of your advice. Many thanks!


Hello Dami. Congratulations on your PwC offer! Not too sure how to PM on here but if you have time, I’d love to speak to you about who you found the AC and any tips for them as I have one in the coming weeks.


Yeah sure x


I have an AC next week, can someone PLEASE help with tips ! its my first AC


I finally got the offer today!! :slight_smile:


Congrats!! :smiley: I got my PwC offer today, but for autumn intake!! :smiley:


That’s great. Do preparation, but under the guidance of professionals. Contact Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX for any kind of help.


Hi guys, could you psot your scores from the game and write if you passed this stage? I got 9400 and i didn’t got the offer :frowning:


I think it really depends! I know some people who got 3,000 who went onto the Assessment Centre but I also know people who got 10,000 who were there too! Not sure how that works, maybe the pass marks are different for service lines, or maybe you’re assessed on individual stages of the game.


It’s worth remembering you get 1,000 points for the Numerical and Diagrammatic levels irrespective whether you got them right or wrong.

It’s how you tackle each level which matters not just the score you get. My personal assumption is (I could be wrong):

Games which are assessing your risk tasking ability (Are you trying to be calculus or just going for it)

  • Balloons
  • Higher/lower business
  • Electricity generator

Games which are assessing accuracy but also how well you recover from mistakes and how you respond to dealing with multiple data sets

  • Light Bulb and Maintenance level
  • Left/Right arrows level
  • Even/Rounded level

Other games

  • Unlock digits: Assesses perseverance (Do you know when it’s time to give up and move on)
  • Faces: Assess your emotional intelligence (The same emotions can be represented differently by different people)
  • Cards memory game I don’t think they really want you to remember a maximum of 24 levels – but do you use resources available to you that can aid you completing the level well
  • Numerical and Diagrammatic: Numerical ability and problem solving abilities