PwC Graduate Programme 2019



Hey hey, I’m preparing my application for PwC and I just saw that they’ve changed the application process for 2019 intake. Since there is no other topic for 2019 intake, I’ll start it here.

So, the new application process is now like this:

  2. SITUATIONAL JUDGMENT TEST - app. 15 questions represented in short videos, 4 options, the most and least effective to choose.
  3. GAME-BASED ASSESSMENT - 11 games, including numerical resoning at the end (18 questions) and logical/inductive reasoning questions (20 questions).
  4. VIDEO INTERVIEW - different for each role
  5. ASSESSMENT DAY - with case studies
  6. FINAL INTERVIEW - not for all roles?

Let’s make regular updates! Good luck to all of you!


That’s weird. My friend just got past online tests. She said there is no SJT just verbal, numerical and checking. I’m not sure about the ‘checking’, but my frd said that was easy.


I also saw this this morning on their website Maybe she was still applying for this year’s intake.


i saw this too! what roles is everyone going for?


has anyone completed these? if so what are they like?


I’ve applied for Consulting and have just finished the first two assessments. OMG!!! I found it so difficult, especially compared to last year as I was preparing based on the last year’s materials.
First task was situational judgment test, with maybe 10-15 questions. Grading is automated so I got invited to the game based assessment straight afterwards. And then I was so amazed with the game assessment so I jumped in immediately to complete it. I regret now, as I wish I knew in advance what I will face :frowning:. It lasted for one hour if not even more! And it was so mentally demanding, 11 different ‘games’, with numerical calculations and logical reasoning at the end, all timed. I would definitely recommend you to practice a lot before you start this game-based assessment. I am now still waiting for the outcome, but not so optimistic about it :-(.


sounds tough, what exactly was in the games e.g. did they have inductive reasoning?


I’m sure you did alright, did you have a separate timer for each “game” ?


Is it hard to pass the SJT?


Hey is this for tech consulting? I can’t see Management consulting open yet


They included 20 reasoning/inductive questions and 18 numerical reasoning questions and these are two last games out of 11.


Not necessarily, only for numerical and inductive reasoning tests they are timers. For other games they count numbers, so for example, there is a memory game, they show you some pattern of 10 different figures and you have to repeat it. There are in total maybe 15 patterns so you can’t play forever.


Has anyone applied for assurance yet?


This is Consulting - Economics - London. I’m sure they’ll open the positions soon.


I have also made a call to PwC as my game-based assessment is ‘still in progress’. So, it seems like they’ll wait for all candidates to complete the test and to benchmark it and then there will be one week in November when those who pass will have one-week to complete Video Interview. In December there is an assessment day, and the day is already scheduled (again different for different roles). They also told me that this is mentioned in Job Description as dates are not the same for each role, however I didn’t notice this. They also told me that there is no 5-day deadline to complete the game assessment or SJT. So for example, I could have done it by 31st October (as it is a deadline to complete online tests) and it won’t have impact on ‘progressing faster’ to the next round. I WISH I KNEW THIS.

One more thing, after some games you get the score, but after numerical and inductive games there is only 1000 points for completing it, so the score at the end of the game doesn’t mean anything really as they still have to grade it. I got around 11,000 points in total and for several games I made zero mistakes, in some I had a few.

Be careful to don’t attempt the test on your computer as it is not as fast as it is on your phone.

Practice game that they give you in different app (Firefly Freedom) are completely different than real test games, so also be careful there.


Hi! are you reply for London office?


Once you have completed the situational judgement test, how long do you have until you have to complete the games-based assessment? Can you leave it a few days or do you have to complete it immediately?


If you pass SJT you automatically get the screen with game-based assessment invitation. You can complete it by the end of October, so no need to rush.


Hi! Do u know whether it is necessary to add CV, transcript or cover letter when you submit your application form? Cheers!


Hi there - I’ve just submitted my application for the London Tax Graduate programme. There weren’t any specific instructions on including your CV and Cover Letter. After I submitted my application, however, an option to “add files” had appeared.

I was wondering if should add my CV and Cover Letter there?