PWC Graduate Program 2017

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Hello all,
So I applied to the PWC Graduate Program UAE, September 2017 intake, I received the online assessment in May. I am currently residing in another country other than UAE. Afterwards, I got an email in June to schedule an HR phone interview then a technical phone interview after it by around a week. I had just done a phone interview with two Senior Managers in the Tax department and I was informed that this was the final stage and will receive a reply on the status of my application after that.

However in the interview, the interviewer’s main focus was on the reason behind applying to UAE while also asking me competency-based questions. He asked me “Why UAE even though in your country there is the same graduate program?”, and “If I got accepted but in my country not UAE, would I still take the offer?”. In the end though, when I asked a certain question regarding the graduate program as I am aiming to pursue the CPA. They had seemed to know my case beforehand, and told me to take it up with HR to find a solution.

I need help in understanding whether it is normal for the interviewer to ask those questions, and what do you think the outcome will be? It has been close to two weeks with no response; however, they did take 3 weeks between interviews.


Hi there,

Congrats on moving through the process, this all sounds positive!

It is absolutely normal for the interviewer to query your intentions in terms of location - especially if there is a similar scheme in the country you reside. After all this would be easier and cheaper for you to stay where you are. They are trying to ensure that if they were to offer you a place, would you be serious in considering the offer. And also, if you have really thought about the move and future prospects - to understand if you would be happy in the UAE. As you know, it is a very competitive process and they want to make sure that you are happy with your choice of office and won’t immediately try to move once you are there. There are also differences in culture/ work-life balance between offices.

If it has been over two weeks I would advise you to give them a call and ask if there has been any decision. Be polite and don’t bother them too much… but this is good to do as you are showing you are keen and eager to get the role!

I hope this helps! Good luck


Thank you so much for your reply! I did indeed emailed HR, but she has not replyed yet to the email. I emailed 3 business days ago