PwC Graduate Intake 2016


Hi Guys,

I am making this thread for all the people who applied for the 2016 intake graduate program or are looking forward to apply.

I recently did the online tests and I got an email that I passed and I would hear back within 5 days?

I applied to the London office.

I suspect that the next stage is the phone interview? Can anyone shed some light on how long they heard back after the passed the online tests? And what sort of questions came up?

Any help would help.




do u know whether application process for 2016 intake year is similar to 2015?


Hi Sam,

I didn’t see the process for 2015 as I just applied for 2016 intake. I think its similar. Online Application then they send you the online tests automatically which was numerical and logical.

Just after completing the tests, I received an email saying that I met their assessment criteria and they will review my application and will be in touch in 5 days.



Hi man,

Can I know how did you prepare for the online test?

Cheers :slight_smile:


If you need any help then private message me. I passed mine last week and am waiting for the telephone interview now.


Hello Yousef,
I passed the online tests as well but it seems like it took them quite a long time to review the application form? Have you receive the telephone interview invitation? If so, how long does it take after you passed the online test? Thanks.


So you guys still haven’t heard back? I thought the email said they would contact within 5 working days.
Which roles and offices did you guys apply to? :slight_smile:


For assurance in London. They said they will let me know if there’s any progress. Now I am quite confused…


Is this for the assurance program? The consulting PWC Grad schemes for 2016 aren’t open yet, are they?


You’re right; they aren’t open yet. I think they open in September, but don’t quote me on that. Keep checking back on their website.


Yeah I think they’ll open them in Sept like Deloitte. I remember a couple of years ago that PwC had set weeks for interviews. So for example you could apply in Sept, but all first interviews/assessment centers were in December/January. Does anyone know if this is still the case this year?


Hi Guys, has anybody heard from PwC after passing the online tests for 2016 intake? I passed on 3rd August but still waiting to hear back. Its more than 5 working days.


PwC doesn’t have vacant interview time slot yet for the moment. They will inform you if more time slots are available.


Yea, I have my interview on Monday. You should hear from them soon, they are taking time to reply because they received loads of application


Anyone who had their phone interview yet and willing to share the questions they were asked?




I am preparing for my telephone interview and wondered what ideas everyone has for the business acumen questions, in particular:

  1. Name a business that has recently been in the news and identify what difficulties they are facing?
  2. Can you discuss any recent developments whch have strongly affected PwC and the accounting industry?

Thanks in advance!


You could talk about Shell’s proposed drilling in the Arctic. PwC can advise on the reputational damage this may cause and whether it fits in to their corporate strategy.
Specific difficulties:

  • reputational damage
  • protests by environmentalists which could delay projects/increase costs/affect image
  • Situation with falling oil prices could reduce the financial viability of projects like this

The situation in Greece can have a big effect on business sentiment in the UK so it could provide advisory services to affected businesses as to how to respond to this risk. Also, certain industries like pharmaceuticals are affected massively by the situation in Greece. Greece owes international pharmaceutical companies loadsssss so PwC could advise companies like Astrazeneca on how to hedge against the risk of default. You could show the interviewer that you’ve done your research for this by talking about some of the bodies which Greece owe money to like the IMF, ECB and Eurozone countries. You could also chat about how it missed a couple of it’s debt repayments and how a deal was eventually struck with the Greek Government where it had to introduce reforms if it was to receive further financial aid.

I started this forum the other day which you might find useful

Hope this helps


Hi mate,

I made this the other day which you might find useful.


Hi, I hope your phone interview today went well. However, I still haven’t heard back and I passed the tests on 3rd August. How long did it take for them to get back to you?



Hey !! I recently passed my telephone interview and have been invited to the London AC on the 26/08, I am most worried about the numerical tests, because Ive heard that it is harder than the online one we did at the start due to even stricter time constraint. I was wondering if somebody knows that it is the same set of questions ? Or is it completely different or with some reoccurring ones from the first one ? Also, can somebody recommend me the most suitable places to find practice from ?

Thanks x