PWC Graduate Assurance Centre for Excellence August 2017.


Hi all,

Like many others, this site has been a great resource and source of information regarding various companies and applications processes.

I recently had a PwC Assessment centre which even though I did well, I did not impress on the numerical section. So here are are pointers that may help any of you reach this stage in the future and hopefully get past the numerical and join this great company.

The application process as I have found, is different for everyone and checkpoint such as telephone interviews are dependent on your education level and work experience.

I did not go do a telephone interview. Instead, I applied online, did the tests and went straight to the assessment centre. The application form is pretty straight forward and I strongly advise that you do not make inaccurate, false or misleading claims to better your chances e.g. work experience or university grades - the PwC HR department is very active and will question every detail in the application with request for evidence in order to progress you onto the next stage. I was asked for these and I produced them, so don’t lie.

Onto the test, they are all SHL…you will get different subjects depending on what role you apply for - for me I was assessed on my numerical and logical capabilities as well as a personality questionnaire which you also need to pass - read the company’s values and ethics and answer these in line with those - and also make sure you are consistent because questions are re-worded in an attempt to confuse you to make different choices. Feedback will come back to you between 24 to 72hours.

If you pass these, you will be invited to an assessment centre where you will have to do the tests again. The questions are different to the initial online tests. At the AC you will be give a pencil, an answer booklet where you colour in the right answers, a writing pad for your calculations and the test booklet. For numerical, you have 20 questions to do in 20 minutes. For the logical/ diagrammatic, you have 40 questions to do in 20 minutes. Please please please, practice these test extensively and time yourself. Practice until you become awesome at it. Oh and don’t forget your calculators.
There is a written report test. Here you will have 30 minutes to produce a report based on a company profile. The company is presented as a client of PwC who are looking at options that would allow them to compete with new entrants to the market. I wish I could tell you more about what details are in the profile and what the report is exactly about but I can not. I have no obligation to keep this information private not do I owe anything to PwC. However, there are ethics to stick to and there is something called respect and for these values, I can not give away the details of what exactly you will prepare for.
So, the written report, what I can advise is, time is against you. 30 minutes isn’t much when you have to read lots of information, analyse it and write in in a report. There is no need to remember a report format, you will be given the required structure in the requirements. You will have to choose two options out of three available and present them in the report. You will have to give pros and cons for each option. For best chance to get through, aim for two pros and two cons for each option. BUT…MAKE SURE YOU GIVE A CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION. The report will be useless without a conclusion and recommendation. Remember, time is against you and you need to write clearly and properly.

Onto the Group discussion. I thought this was simple but I came to learn just how hard it was. For me I was ok, I communicated, gave others time to communicate and questions their points. But in my group, one person just stood up and left, I guess it was the pressure and another was quiet all trough and struggled to speak. So my advise is, when you get to your AC, go out of your way to communicate with as many people as you can. Ask questions, get to know them and pleeeasee, learn and remember their names. In the group the discussion is centred around tea, coffee and hot chocolate/ cocoa. Each person is given a country that produces one of these and some environmental info about the agriculture of these countries. You are given a brief and after 20 minutes of reading and crunching numbers, you start discussion. Talk to each other, don’t interrupt others, ask questions and question their choices, don’t impose your choice but speak confidently with facts and just enjoy it.

It was a great experience and I am greatly wishing any applicant a successful process. Its a great company too who are inclusive and do not bias their decisions.

Hope this helps.




I just wanted a bit of feedback about the diagrammatic reasoning questions at the AC. Could someone clarify whether the questions are of either form: (1) A series of images (5/6) are shown and from left to right and we are tasked with picking the right solution that would fit the series. eg: ( (2) An image is given on the left and right of an operator. We are tasked with picking the appropriate operator that changes one set to the other or the correct set given an operator and initial set. eg: ( I would really like some honest feedback as I’d like to tailor my preparation for that specific test. Thank you!