PwC Forensic Technology Solutions (FTS) First Interview


First of all, thanks for all the contributors to this fantastic website! Believe me, your work is very much appreciated.

I’ve recently got through to the first interview stage for Forensic Technology Solutions and wondering what I can expect in the first interview.

Competencies wise and for commercial awareness I’ve got no problems but perhaps they might throw me a technical curve ball on; databases, SQL, encrypton, Data protection act, Computer Misuse act, etc… the list is endless and I graduated a while ago so will have to spend some time refreshing my memory of these topics.

Does anyone have any experience of applying for this position? Any light that could be shed on potential technical questions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I have an interview at PWC this friday for an analyst/advisory post in Forensic Technology Solutions team. The person who spoke to me on the phone from pwc gave almost no details of what type of interview it would be. Could you please tell me what type of interview you faced was?competency based or technical?.Could you please post some of the questions they asked you. It would really be a great help for me.

Thanks in advance.




Hey Kushi,

I had my interview a while back so I’ll try my best to help. I was unsuccessful by the way but hopefully I can give you some insight into the process. In a nutshell it was both competency and technical.

I don’t think the FTS interviews follow a standard procedure like the regular PwC Audit/Tax interview. I prepared using many of the questions on wikijob so found myself with trousers down when they asked me a whole bunch of technical things - you really need to know your databases!

In order, I remember the questions as follows:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What does FTS do?
  • Commercial Awareness (FCPA… Foreign Corrupt Practises Act, Patriot Act, SARBOX, you get the idea!)
  • Specific business awareness (How might a client react to your investigation… obviously they are paying for your services and they don’t even want you there, think regulatory compliance orders etc!)
  • What difficulties might FTS encounter? (spent a while on this)
  • Some technical accountancy questions (I didn’t have a bloody clue; where might you look for some particular transaction and what’s the difference between particular types of financial statements… can’t remember specifics)
  • Technical database questions (Different types of joins, write SQL queries, speeding up queries/indexes, relations and keys)
  • A question on de-duplication of data; this was easy but the interviewer explained it in a terrible way and gave me a crap diagram to work on! They were looking for the most efficient way to iterate through a bunch of files. O(n) Vs. O(n^2) etc… He didn’t go into asymptotic notation but perhaps you could impress by throwing some theory in!
  • Competency based questions (team working, organising work, communication, initiative, problem solving, feedback and dealing with difficult clients)
  • Why PwC

I think they also want uber-technology types, so try to fit in examples of when you have worked with technology in the past.

Hope that helps, if I remember something else then I’ll post.

Best of luck!


Thanks alot rojee.

that is going to be very useful.