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Hi all,

I just thought I would give you all a bit of insight into what to expect from your first telephone interview for a PWC graduate scheme (mine was for assurance). Hopefully this will help you prepare a bit further.

The interview took about 40 minutes and was a structured interview with specific questions designed to see whether you can give examples which cover the competencies expected. Hopefully, you will already have seen this and considered these, but all the questions I had were based around the ‘first interview competencies’ as see on the following part of the PWC site - (search for PWC competencies in google and the first hit will take you to the correct part of the PWC site)

Business related: I was firstly asked about what I knew about the qualification you get as part of the graduate scheme and the support you get. They then went on to ask me about commercial awareness i.e. a business that has been in the news recently, what difficulties they are facing etc.

It then went onto competency based questions. I can’t remember all of them, but here are some that I got:
When have I had to give feedback to a colleague or peer?
When have I worked with a group which has had opposing views?
When have I had to change the way in which I do something?
When have I had to work with someone who has had a different way of working to me?
When have I worked on a number of different projects at the same time and how did I manage that?

Ensure to use the STAR format and you should be fine :slight_smile:


This is brilliant stuff, thank you very much. I have mine tmrw morning!


I was due a telephone interview this morning for PWC however they havent called me and I cant get hold of anyone in the recruitment office as it is the weekend hence closed. Has this happened to anyone else :confused:


Thank you so much, that’s really helpful!


Thanks so much mate


Hello guys:
I just had my telephone interview with PwC, and would like to share my experiences here. Hope it can be helpful to you as well.
Whole leadership:
A time when you actively sought feedback?
A time when you raised a concern with a colleague?
Business Acumen:
How you keep track of business issues? What can you learn from this?
A time when you use your analytical skills to solve a complex problem? (use different pieces of information)
Technical Qualities
A time when you have to complete different projects to meet a deadline?
What do you know about your job?
Global Mindset
A time when you actively sought different perspectives?
A time when you had to work with little guidance from your supervisor?
A time when you maintain useful contact outside of your university or work?
I would say the overall experience was very nice, because the interviewer was very friendly. Just make sure you have done enough preparations beforehand, and use a clear STAR structure to make your actions easily understood.
All the best


Hi guys,

Does anyone know for which PwC UK offices competition is low? Any suggestions?


I couldn’t pinpoint specific ones, but definitely NOT London.



What are you referring to with ‘(different pieces of information)’. Are you saying provide different context for that questions than the other questions?


Happened to me last year with KPMG, I sent an email then within a day they got back to me and rescheduled (no reasoning given for why it was missed); this doesn’t mean you’ve failed!


Got a phone interview this week within audit, just wondering if anyone knows if these questions are still asked (or similar) and what do I have to research on specifically aside for audit (why audit?) and pwc (why pwc?)??
Appreciate the help


Hello, I’ve got an interveiw coming up and am struggling on the question, what are the major issues affecting pwc and the accounting industry? Any help would be great, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I had a telephone interview yesterday and prepared for the questions you posted here - I got asked exactly the same questions in the same order so thank you so much for this!


Hi. As wakaas1994 asked, are these questions still up-to-date as it seems that they haven’t changed over quite some time and do they ask additional questions depending on the work stream you applied for (Audit vs. Management Consulting)? Thanks a lot for any help. It is very much appreciated!!


So just had my telephone interview and thought I’d share the experience. The interviewer was not even working for pwc but employed by some graduate recruitment company so when I asked her questions at the end about pwc and the scheme she wasn’t helpful at all. Throughout the whole interview I felt like she wasn’t interested in what I was saying at all, just keep asking follow up questions… But good luck to everyone who is doing the interview!!!


Hey, which office did you apply for? I have a telephone interview coming up and was wondering if the competencies are still the same? Are the questions pretty similar to those usually found on WikiJob? Thanks


I applied to Bristol. Yes they are in general. Which office are you going for?


Awesome thanks :)… I’ve applied for the Birmingham office. Did they tell you when you’ll hear back?


I’ll hear back in 5 working days. Good luck with yours!


Anyone have ac in Birmingham on 24th February? I want to know who will I meet there haha :)!