PwC First round interview help


Hi everyone!

I am applying for a summer internship, and I have a PwC internship coming up. It will be in the form of a telephone interview.

I am incredibly stressed, as I already got rejected by other firms.

I’m guessing the interview will be mainly focused on competencies - can anyone give me advice on answering those questions?
Also, for the commercial awareness - any advice which commercial area I should research more on?

If anyone could give me tips, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Anyone? :frowning:



I’m afraid I can’t offer much help, as I am in the same position as you. I have a telephone interview coming up (and I am bricking it) and I have been rejected from all the others I have applied for!

I think it is mainly what you said, competencies and perhaps about the client you wrote about in the application, maybe?!

Sorry I can’t be much help, just wanted to let you know that there are others out there like you stressing!! I hope the interview goes well! Good luck!



When is your interview?

If I am not too late, I will try and give you some pointers…i never had a telephone interview…but I’ll advise you to read the forums…they are really really good!!