PwC first round interview - face to face


Hi all,

I have a first round face-to-face interview coming up with PwC for Actuarial (AIMS) and I am just wondering if anybody would be generous enough to give me some pointers and shed some light as to what kind of questions I will be faced with. I was hoping for just a little bit of guidance which I would be really grateful for.

Thank you so much in advance.


Hi there

Take a look at the ‘First Interview’ section on this page; it should be helpful for you:

Good luck!


This is very late but just wondering if you have any tips you wouldn’t mind sharing with me? I have my face-to-face interview in a weeks time :slight_smile:


Hi, I hope you managed to get some help for your interview. I have mine coming up on monday and I was just wondering if you could help me out? What sort of questions can I expect and how should I prepare? Thanks.