Pwc first interview


Has anyone had any 1st interviews recently? also, how do i get feedback for the online tests i have taken?

Can any1 present detailed information about the actual process during the interview i.e. step by step? questions?



ive got mine on thursday too im reali nervous!!! any one offer any help???


Monicadhiman, did you get feedback from them for the tests?


There are vast amounts of information on this website about the PwC interview process - there’s the Wiki which is very detailed, as well as countless threads in this forum.

As for feedback on the tests, you either passed them or you didn’t - and you must of to have a first interview. There’s not much point on feedback on individual numerical questions really…


no dint get any feedback on the tests!!!
yeh ive had a look at the forum its pretty good actually!!!


Yup, as Joyrevision said, have a look through past pages on this forum, theres loads of info re. interviews and a/c, if you have any specific questions post them up.

You wont get any feedback for the online tests - if you passed you get an interview. If you fail you don’t, thats literally all you’ll get. But at the a/c stage you’ll get a complete breakdown of the grades.

Good luck


The reason i asked about the feedback issue is that, some students here posted their scores on the tests but never mentioned how they got it. I really did not know at what stage you get the feedback. OK. thanks guys.

I know there are lots of threads on first interview process but is there anyone who passed the first interview very recently?



How long do they take to get back to you after application? I’m about to send mine off.


some said 3 days some in two days and some said 8-9 days. I think they got back to me within 8 days. As to online tests. they sent me invitation to first interview within three hours of submission. Varies probably.


ah i got through to the assessment centre so nervous!!! i found out 45 mins after the interview!!! ne hints or tips guys im reali nervous!!!


good job mate!!, good luck with AC then. will you now share your experience with us then?


yeh definately!!! i just hope i get thru it!!! realy nervous actually but yeh wil deffo keep it posted up on here!!!


any inputs? monicadhiman?


my assessment is on tuesday so wil put up then