PWC - First Interview - whats the latest you can book it for after they call?


need all the revision time I can get! They called but I couldn’t take the call however they have sent me an email with a number to call them back on, how far into the future in general do they allow you to organise the interview for? Next week? next month? thanks!


A week would be more than enough, surely. You’re not expected to be able to recite off their every employee’s name or anything…


I’d get it done as soon as you can. Jobs are filling up fast - I got an email from KPMG yesterday telling me the office I’ve applied for is full (London).


I’d agree, I got the same email from KPMG yesterday, though so far I haven’t heard anything like that from PwC. But definitely try to get an interview as soon as possible. My first interview was set as early as possible, and it was still a 3 week interval, so I guess it depends on how busy they are and how booked up all the interviewers are.