PwC First Interview (What do you expect to be doing on a day to day basis)


Hello everybody,

I have a first interview coming up with PwC next week and am not quite sure what exactly to answer to the question of “what do you think or expect to be doing on a day to day basis?”
In the first years I obviously expect to be doing quite a bit of studying for the ACA alongside the job. However as to the actual job I cant really think of much more than ‘ticking’.
Any help would be really appreciated!


u will be working within an audit team if that’s assurance you applying. client premisis will be your second home :). the work might include ticking but mainly learning. especially if you do not have a finance and accounting background. just be positive. look at the and aussurance there are some inputs about the audit work during your first year.

i used those notes in my interview. good luck