pwc first interview for the Tax graduate program


i have my first interview for tax on monday. can anyone share any hints/tips?

i am quite stuck as to what piece of financial news to discuss?

thank you for any help you can give!!



How did your first interview go ?? Did you progress onto the next stage ?

I have a first interview for corporate tax coming up. Any hints from yourself would be great!


syc1 that’s odd that you have a first interview for corporate tax. I had my AC a few weeks ago and they told me that all positions for graduate corporate tax were taken.


ducesa, what office you applying to? maybe another office ha filled their vacancies for corporate tax


London office


Ducesa - my face to face interview is next week - I have applied for a position in the Edin office. I applied last year and they had filled all the positions in Corporate tax !


iv applied for corporate tax at the gatwick office and waiting for my partner interview, pls say there are still vacancies…anyone had their partner interview?


Hi cork2 - they fill the vacancies as they interview. So the sooner you have your partner interview the better chhance you have. I’ve only just had my first face to face interview so waiting to see if I am through to the assessment centre ! How was the assessment centre ?


Hi All,

If possible could someone give me some advice on the assessment centre.


in the group exercise, make sure you listen to everyones opinion and either accept or reject but make sure you justify, try and control the time, but that doesnt mean you get away without contributing. be really understanding of others and dont be too dominating.