PwC first interview for HR Technology



I have my first telephone interview with PwC for HR Technology role on 25th February. Can someone tell me where I can find out more about the role and what sort of questions I am likely to be asked. Thanks in advance for your help.



Hope it went well and Goodluck!

I’ve got one as well this week! Can you please share your experience of the interview? what sort of questions you were asked? Thank you in advance for your help!


I didn’t have the interview yet, I have rescheduled! Its a very specific role so don’t know how to answer a question about the role. I have just looked on their site to see what HR Technology is about but still bit confusing. Just prepare for the competences and look through their annual report.

Good luck with your interview! When do you have it?


Thank you! mines’ on wednesday! Goodluck with your :slight_smile:


Thank you. If you don’t mind could you let me know what sort of questions they ask you after you have your interview? It would be much appreciated :slight_smile: