PwC First Interview for Assurance London 2009


Hi guys

I just got an email notifying me that I passed the online tests and am invited to an interview in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to get some advice on

1)Types of Interview Questions (are they all ‘give me an example when’ or ‘decribe a situation where?’-- as is KPMG)

2)How many questions do they roughly ask and do all the examples you provide have to be different or can you use the same one twice? (Plus do they prefer academic, extra curricular or social?-- you see i did Duke of Edinburgh but it was a while ago and Im not sure they would accept that now)

  1. With the commercial awareness question, does anyone know which topic would be most impressive? With my KPMG interview I talked of rising petrol prices; the effects, the cause and the solutions…but I didnt get though :frowning:

Any help would be most appreciated…