PwC Financial Advisory 2013


Has anyone specifically applied to a graduate position in M&A and have you had your partner interview yet?
The waiting time between each stage is killing me.




Hey mate. I’ve applied for a summer internship in M&A, have my AC on the 3rd of January. How long do you have to wait between the AC and the partner interview? Any tips about the AC you wanna share? :smiley:


The recruitment process is deadline oriented for Financial Advisory so they will start partner interviews after finishing all ACs and depending on partners’ availability so not sure how long you will have to wait. But it took me a lot of time to go from first round to AC and then to partner interview but I was regularly calling them though. Nothing to worry about for the AC. It’s exactly as described in other threads. The only difference is that Financial Advisory candidates are benchmarked against each others and only the strongest ones will pass as opposed to other divisions where you only have to meet the competencies to pass. That’s why our recruitment process takes much loooonger.

Good luck


Hi. I applied for a graduate position in M&A and had my partner interview before Christmas. Still waiting to hear from them.


Hey Laurie, did they tell you when we should hear back and how many people they are taking?
I also had mine before Christmas and I am waiting to hear back. Did you interview with a woman or a man? How did it go?


They didn’t say specifically how many they were taking this year. Graduates who started in September 2012 said they took on 8 for M&A. I presume it would be a similar number for 2013 start. I can’t remember when they said I would hear. However, my interview was on the 17th December in the evening so fairly close to when everyone was coming off for Christmas. When was yours? Hoping to hear by the end of next week! I was originally supposed to have an interview with two people, a man and a woman. When I showed up, it was just one woman. I think it went ok but it’s quite hard to tell exactly what they are looking for. How did you feel yours went?


I had mine with a woman on the 19th. She was nice and made me feel comfortable. Although like you said it’s really hard to know what they are looking for. I just hope we hear back soon. This is so stressful…


Oh wait mine was also on the 19th. Sorry all the dates around that time have blurred together because I had exams then as well! I had the assessment centre on the Wednesday morning and then the interview that evening.


what??? I thought they were only 3 ACs. On November 9th, 19th and December 7th. Seems like they have been doing a lot more and most probably shorlisted a lot of candidates for the partner interview. How many people were at your ACs? And do you know how many people from your AC made it to the Partner Interview?


I had exams and had to travel from Scotland so I think I was one of the last ones since I couldn’t make any earlier ACs. No one else at my AC applied to M&A and they weren’t finding out if they were successful until after Christmas. I may have just been an exception because I know online it said that they were the dates for ACs.


ah ok sounds better… Good Luck and please keep me informed if you hear back from them.


Good luck to you too! Hopefully we will hear tomorrow or next week. Let me know when you hear.


Hi Guys, I had mine M&A partner interview on the 20th Dec, still waiting, it is killing me…Good luck to all of us!


Has anyone received an offer?


No. No offer, I am supposed to get feedback next week. Yourself?


Have they called to give you the result as in Accepted or rejected? Still no news for me, they called me to say that I may have to wait until the end of the month.


No I’m in the same situation as you. Nothing definite yet.


Ok I see, personally I’m not holding my breath. Just working on my other applications and interviews now.


Has anyone who had his or her Assessment Day in January heard back from PwC yet?


Still nothing???