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I’ve got a partner interview for Assurance Audit graduate programme. Has anyone got any tips? Cheers


Hey me too, whens your interview? hows your preparation going?


@AbdurC how long did you have to wait from passing the Assessment centre to getting a partner interview as I passed mine end of last month and have been waiting to be allocated a date for partner interview. Just preparing in case they inform me at short notice


lol I did my assessment centre in April…for the placement role and got transferred once it became full…But I know in general, including some of my friends experiences, sometimes you can be waiting anything from 2 months + for a partner interview. I think the only way to speed them up is call every day/ other day. Because the recruitment team say they’ll call you with dates when the partners are available…but they rarely do.

Hows preparation going? what kind of stuff are you doing


preparation is going Ok I am keeping up to date with the current affairs subscribed to FT.
Also refreshing my memory on Audit did Accounting and finance at uni just in case they ask questions about compliance and substantive testing or what evidence auditors look for etc.

Just praying I get a good partner as from what I have read online people’s experiences vary so much


ahh yeah me too…I need to get my audit notes back out, and have a quick refresh. What are you preparing for commercial awareness

you applying to London


Have you now got a date for partner interview?



I’ve just received an offer for the assurance/risk assurance shared scheme for sept 2013 start in London. I had my partner interview last Thursday, and found out about the offer (via email) yesterday.

The interview was with a director, and was quite relaxed. However compared to previous senior interviews that I’ve had, it was very structured; i.e. he pretty much ran through a list of questions that he had to ask. I tried to make it as conversational as possible, so if he commented on my answers I would try and pick up on it and ask a question back to get him speaking as well. For example on one of the questions I spoke about my voluntary work, and at the end he replied - “well as I’m sure as you know we have plenty of voluntary activities running at PWC”. I went on to ask him if he’d been involved, and it turned into a 10 minute conversation on mentoring that we’d both done. I think the most important thing is to show you can hold a conversation, because the role at pwc will be client facing.

In terms of the questions, the ones I can recall are:

  • What is your definition of good client service…have you ever delivered this?
  • Have you ever had to learn something new, and present it to a group of people?
  • Have you ever come up with a way of doing something differently?
  • A time where you have had to build and develop client relationships
  • Do I challenge myself / push myself to achieve?
  • A time where I’ve had to provide feedback to someone; how did I go about this?
  • Why the shared scheme?
  • What will I be doing in my first year at PWC?
  • Related to Risk Assurance, he asked me about any big themes in technology that I’ve been following.

There were some follow up questions related to what I said, but it wasn’t exactly a grilling. I had prepared for a whole lot more for my partner interview; I wasn’t asked anything about issues/themes in audit, news stories that interest me, or an analysis on one of PWC’s current clients. However it’s definitely better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

If anyone has any other questions about the partner interview/application process, I’d be more than happy to answer.


Hey congrats on your offer, can I ask what issues did you prepare for commerical awareness, and in general do you have any tips for preparing for the partner interview other then what you mentioned


For commercial awareness, I had prepared to talk about the EC Audit reforms, the OFT/CC investigation of audit in the UK, IFRS/GAAP changes, the Eurozone crisis and the state of the UK economy in general. I also had a good few current news stories that I felt I could speak comfortably about. With regards to risk assurance there is less commercial awareness you can prep for; I think they are more concerned whether you understand what the role is about.

My tips are to try and make it as conversational as possible; small-talk at the beginning and end of the interview shows you have character/personality and that you’re not just some robot that can reel off competencies like there’s no tomorrow. Other simple things like maintaining eye contact and smiling shouldn’t be underestimated either. The biggest tip is to try and relax; I was having kittens before my interview, but its important to try and come across as professional and composed as possible.


Hey I’m trying to send you a message…but that feature has suddenly disappeared from wikijob :confused: did you prepapre for good/ bad company. Your commercial awareness seems pretty good, do you still have any of the material you used for that?


hi, congrats on the offer. just a question, how long did it take you to get an interview with a partner? i passed my assessment centre last week and i’m still waiting on date


hey skankmaster,
Can you please advise me on any news related to Risk Assurance? What did you talk about the theme you are following in IT?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Can anyone please advice me originally tried to change my interview date as the date given was the day after I was meant to travel then informed Pwc that I will make the interview as they said they couldn’t get an alternative date until January. I have received 2 calls today one to confirm I will be able to make the interview and just before 6
Pm got another call saying April start for Assurance is filled and that will I be able to transfer to September start. I said yes but is there any space in Risk assurance she said their is space. In April but will have to reschedule the interview with another partner. So I said will stick with the original interview and transfer to September. This is just strange as I am meant to have my interview this week already paid almost £200 to change my flight in order to attend the interview