PWC Final Round Interview



I had my final round last week 13.04.2017 but i did not hear anything back as of now. It was with director. He asked 2 technical question as well. I feel it went well. I tried to call on the HR no also but she did not pick the call and also dropped 2 email asking the feedback but she did not reply anything at all.
what does this mean? I have been rejected or i can expect some positive result. Could yoy plz share your experience?


Hi there,

Have you heard back as yet? Truthfully, a delay in feedback/ decision doesn’t necessarily mean you have been rejected. It could just mean they are very busy! Also, occasionally they will do the process in batches - interview and process all candidates over a certain period and then get back to them around the same time. Remember also that HR need to wait for the director to provide the feedback to them - this may not have happened immediately! Especially in a busy period.

Good luck!! I hope it goes well