PwC - Final Partner Interview - Urgent help required


Hey, I’ve got a Partner Interview with PwC and need some urgent help.

What type of commercial awareness questions are asked (Can any of you remeber any specific questions)?

What type of competency questions are ask (Can any of you remeber any specific questions)?

Would it be a good idea to have a back up company I can talk about and how the credit crisis has effected it, and how PwC could help.

If any body has got any questions they have been ask at the final interview, it would be good to collect them altogether?

Kind Regards


Hey David,

have a look at the PwC Assessment Centre forum…some really good info on there to help, and I’ve posted abit about my assessment centre interview. Definatly use the ‘employability brochure’ on the PwC website as that gives you loads of possible questions on each compentency that they question on, and the PwC pages on this website are really helpful too.

I’ve written abit on there about the type of commercial questions I was asked too, and it seems quite a familiar theme. Maybe know the main issues affecting audit (sox, ifrs, ‘credit crunch’, management consultancy wings, new regulations, etc). The main question that was repeated for me in different context at both interviews was how the current economic situation will affect businesses - what the growing risks would be.

Whens your assessment centre?

good luck