PwC Final Interview, not heard back...


I had my partner interview last week but I have not heard back yet? Is there a time limit that your supposed to hear back by?


Did the partner tell you specifically when you would hear back? Which service line did you apply to?

I don’t think there’s a specific time frame since I’ve heard stories of people getting offer as late as two weeks after their interview date during busy times. Also for some service lines they have to compare a whole batch of candidates before making decisions so it can take longer.


I had mine last week to (for Assurance) they said I should hear back by the end of the week but still haven’t. I guess this is a pretty busy time for them though.


I get the impression from PWC that they are quite busy atm, so we should expect some period of wait that might be longer than we would normally expect.

Congratulation on getting partner interviews. I’ve got mine in November (for Assurance). Do you have any guidance or insight in what to expect? (What questions got asked, how long was it etc?)


Hi guys, I have my AC for PwC next week. You clearly passed yours so could you please spare some insight. It would be greatly appreciated.

Best of luck with results and interviews :)!


So, has anyone received an offer recently from PwC?

Been a week since my senior interview (Assurance) and haven’t heard anything. Super worried since I reeeeaaally want this job.


I’ve got my senior interview tomorrow (in Tax), which location did you apply for? Did they say how long it should be before you hear? If it’s been that long might be worth ringing them to chase it up? Let us know when you hear, good luck!


Not yet jfk2013, as mine is at the end of the month. GL Chloe with your interview, any information on questions asked would be brilliant. (Applying for Assurance April 2014)


Thank you, I’ll try and remember what questions were asked and post them on here tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile:


Chloe, can you please share some insight on the AC as well as I’m applying for Tax also. I am a bit worried about the report writing!

Best of luck for tomorrow though :slight_smile:


Okay, so I’ve just got back from my final interview (think it went ok! She said I should hear in the next couple of days). I was told that there are only 8 tax graduates being taken on in the North (2 in Newcastle, 3 in Leeds, 5 in Manchester) and that 2 of the 5 are already filled in Manchester. Hoping I’m the 3rd!! This is my experience of the AC and the Partner Interview.

Assessment Centre
Written exercise:

  • Make sure you have a strong introduction/summary in case you don’t have time/space to finish
  • Clear structure
    Group exercise:
  • Make sure you speak up and present your information clearly without dominating the group
  • Make plenty notes (this was mentioned in the feedback)
  • Make eye contact with the group members
  • Try to mention something that nobody else has come up with, or be the first to notice something
  • Pretty much the same as online
  • Numerical was slightly harder as the questions were mixed up
  • They want accuracy, not lots answered wrong so skip past any you’re not sure about

Final Interview
It was really laid back and friendly, more like a discussion/chat with some questions she needed to ask. She said it was more about getting to know me and why I was there. I can’t remember all the questions, I’m terrible! But the ones I remember are:

  • What do you know about PwC/tax?
  • A time when you went the extra mile
  • A time when you learnt something
  • What are the major issues facing PwC and the accounting industry
  • What do you expect to be doing in the tax role?
  • A time when you had to get your point across
  • A time when you had to bring others round to your way of thinking
  • A time when you shared your knowledge
  • A time when you had to build a relationship with someone
  • A difficult relationship with someone
  • A personal goal you’ve worked towards
  • Why should you get this job?


Thank you so much Chloe for your input :). I have my AC tomorrow so hopefully it will go well.

For the written exercise, what structure did you use? Each paragraph had an option and its pros and cons?

Hope you’ll get the place!


No problem, hope it helps you! Good luck tomorrow.

Yeah basically. I think you need a summary paragraph of the conclusions etc first, then an introduction, then a paragraph on each option with pros and cons, then a conclusion at the end. Just make sure it’s really clear :slight_smile: it’s not difficult to understand/write about so it is mostly the structure they’re looking at.



Thanks Chloe, this is absolutely brilliant! Hope you get the job!


What do you mean by a summary paragraph of the conclusions first?


I think the way they worded it was an “executive summary”. It’s sort of like a brief overview of the whole report so you could understand your opinion just from that, without having to read into detail. I didn’t actually have one in mine, but they mentioned in my feedback that I should have done really.


Had interview today. It was with a Director for London Assurance.

Almost nothing technical and all competency questions which are all very similar to what others have put up so I guess I wont repeat it.

I think it depends on the person taking the interview as others have put questions about technical things as well. I was not asked anything about defining audit or about commercial awareness or anything like that


I heard back yesterday (2 weeks after the interview) that they’ve offered me a position for Assurance. The final interview was quite standard competency questions but less formal than telephone interview; more like a chat. The rest of the interview was about PwC, the line you’ve applied to and commercial awareness. Best of luck to everyone else!


Hi. Haven’t been getting any email notifications. Update - I got an offer for Leeds Tax. Pm me if you have any questions!


Had my final interview in london and then about a week later was offered a job for assurance for April 2014. has anybody else had an offer/accepted their offer yet?