PWC Final Interview - My Story


Hi All,

I have recently received an offer for the Assurance stream; and because this website helped me so much, I wanted to contribute what little I could so as to help others.

With regards to the stages before the Final Interview, there are enough articles on Wikijobs which go in depth on what to expect/how to prepare etc, so I wont be mentioning any of that in this thread.

Okay so now let me tell you how my interview went. I, like everyone else, was very tense about the Final Interview beforehand. Having left home early, I arrived at the PWC office 20 mins before my interview start time, and strolled in to the reception informing the receptionist I was there for an interview. The receptionist having scoured the system for a minute or two told me my name wasn’t on the list. I whipped out my phone and produced the email confirmation from PWC, and to my horror I realised I was at the wrong office! (I am very pedantic normally so this was a shock to me! I had to rearrange my final interview initially, and I assumed that rearranged interview was at the same location - huge mistake!)

In a panic, with helpful directions from the receptionist, I went running to the tube to reach the correct office. Having finally made the correct office, I ended up arriving late against the scheduled time by around 10-15 mins (Note: I did try informing the helpline but my phone was playing up!). The receptionist informed that the interviewer was already waiting - at this stage I felt like nothing was going right! :S

I finally met the interviewer and he was a very friendly person - from the moment he introduced himself, he kept me at ease, and said it wasn’t a problem me arriving late (after I explained what had happened). My lateness actually gave him the chance to go though my application in detail (so in fact turned out to be a good thing I was late, however I don’t recommend this!). The interview flew by (as he was talking quite a bit too) but these are the types of Qs I remember -

What I knew about PWC and the services they provide (all on their website)

Where I saw myself in 5 years time

Why Assurance?

Talk me through your First Interview

He asked no commercial questions at all (even though I was relatively prepared), but do remember this depends on your interviewer! We clearly built a strong rapport and spoke about his secondment and travels, and the opportunity of working abroad with PWC. At the end of the interview, he even indicated that I would be ‘fine’ with regards to the outcome.

All in all my advice would be no matter what happens, smile and be confident (but not over confident if that makes sense). I managed to get an offer even after turning up late, so remember if it’s meant to be, then you’ll get it! I’ve had some failures before, but they all help you to become a better and stronger candidate - make sure you go through feedback (good or bad) as that is what will help you to improve as a candidate, and more importantly as a person.

Hope that helps you guys.