Pwc final interview for management consultancy 2013


I have just passed my assessment centre and was wondering what to expect in my final interview? If anyone has any relevant experiences please do share!


Hi SlimJim,

How was your final interview? Did you get the offer?
I have my final interview this Friday. Very nervous obviously. Would appreciate any advice you could give? Did you have any tricky questions?

Re: commercial awareness, did they ask you about some current affairs and their relevance to PwC and management consulting? Anything about specific companies (e.g. how would advice on NHS restructuring?) or to give examples of companies which are successful/failing and why?
Also, I shouldn’t expect any case studies, like with strategy consulting, should I?

Many thanks,


Has anyone gone through a partner interview lately for MC? I seem to find a lot of info for people going into audit jobs and was wondering if there was any difference (apart from the obvious ones lol)


Hiya. Does anyone has any knowledge about the Online Video Interview that PWC has introduced this year in Consulting?
I got one in applying to Economics consulting.
Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile: