Pwc Facebook Application



Any recent Pwc offer holders received information about the facebook application yet? It would be great to organise flat shares and things before September!


Hi js234,

I haven’t received any information about the Facebook app as yet. But I only signed my offer forms and stuff about a week ago. Just wondering if you have received any info about the fb app as yet? x


Hey OJ.

I haven’t received anything yet either. I submitted my offer forms about a month ago. I guess it’s just a matter of waiting!


Yea I suppose we just have to wait and see. Whereabouts are you joining if you don’t mind me asking? Also have you received anything since you submitted your offer forms? Last thing I received was an acknowledgement of acceptance letter… x


I’m joining Assurance in London. What about you, OJ?

All I’ve received is the same acknowledgement of my acceptance of the offer. I spoke to someone from PWC on the phone though, and they said that they would only contact me further if there was an issue with the verification checks.

I think the next time we’ll hear from them is six weeks before the start date.


Oh ok! In that case I suppose it’s best if we don’t hear from them for a while! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m joining in Assurance too, in Newcastle, really looking forward to it…

Have you registered with ICAEW yet? Got a big fat training guide in the mail from them today!


I’ve been wondering about this for a while as well! I’m joining PwC on a Business Placement in London for 11 months from September, I accepted my offer back in April and still haven’t heard anything about the Facebook app. I rang the on boarding number they provided when they acknowledged my offer of acceptance and they said the codes only get sent out once a month; the longer it goes on the more worried I get about sorting out a flat, especially with the Olympics this summer! Hopefully if you guys haven’t heard yet either that means they send us all the codes at the same time because I’d hate to think others are networking and sorting accommodation already and we’re missing out.


Hi 0045,

Just to let you know that even I haven’t heard anything from PwC since receiving the acceptance acknowledgement letter. So we’re all in the same boat, hopefully we’ll hear something within this month!