Pwc Experienced Hire



Hi everyone,

I had an interview on last Thursday 21 May with PWC uk office in west for the position of Assurance senior with director but so far i dint hear from them. So, anyone could tell me how much time they will take to revert?



I knew the decision would be very quick (as the interviwer said) but I actually had to call my recruiter to get the outcome. Then it took a month to schedule an AC and partner interview. Have you progressed to the next stage so far?


My interviewer was a director , and she told me that either there will be a partner interview or the offer.but so far nothing…so i am lil worried. My recruiter is following up with that director.what about u?


If you are applying as a senior associate/manager, I think AC + partner interview should follow… but who knows…? I actually finished all stages and waiting to get an offer down… have you progressed to the next stage so far?


I got the offer yestetday…only thing i am sufferig from.background check now.hope u.will get urs too soon.all the best