PwC economics consulting


Hi everyone,

I consider applying for pwc economics consulting, however, i am wondering what will be their approximate year intake for 2010.

a friend asked a Pwc HR about this and she was told about 100 people for the entire consulting division…any ideas what the breakdown would look like?

I assume the chunk will be for management consulting, yet, I’m clueless about the figures…

anyone has some insider info about it?


acc. to this article, it is 200 grads for consulting. i assume a chunk of 120 would anyway go to management.

regarding ur post in another thread, it takes sm time for them to respond after the application. I gave mine on the 8th and got an invite on 27th.


Oh gosh!!!

sounds like ages!!! and this thing is really among my top choices, if it fails, I am going to scream LOUD!


what stage are you at now, Thomas Paul and what did you apply for?

good luck!