PwC Economics Consulting Assessment Centre


Hi there!

Is there anyone who has already been through the Economics Consulting Assessment Centre recently (Internship position)?

  • Is it any different from the AC in the other consulting areas in PwC?
  • Any examples of the business questions that were asked? (If you have applied to similar positions in other companies, your questions and suggestions are welcome as well!)
  • Any suggestions regarding areas in Economics to prepare for the interview?
  • Any other hints or facts about PwC Economics Consulting?

Shall give my feedback once I’m done with the PwC process.

Thanks a lot to everyone, and good luck with your applications!!



Hiya! I received my interview call for internship in Economics Consulting. Is there any way you can help out? Its an online video interview with an estimated length of 5mins. And the questions are pre-set. I am amazed about the length myself and didnt really find anyone having any knowledge about such an interview.
Thanks alot!
Goodluck! :slight_smile:


Hi, I was just wondering whether you have already done the video interview? Was it really only 5 minutes long and were you asked technical questions?
I have to do mine today and would be thankful for any advice!
Cheers :slight_smile:
And, by the way, hope yours went well:)


Hi guys! How was the online interview? What kind of questions do you get? I don’t find any information regarding this… A little advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:


hey! did you have the interview?


Not yet, I decided to leave it for today. What about you?


Me too… I did more research about PwC in general and about the economic consulting program, but I can’t find anything about the video interview. Probably is the first time when they do this kind of interview. In the e-mail it says it’s only 5 minutes long, which sounds really strange. It also says that for each question you have 30 seconds preparation time and 2 minutes to answer, so there might be only 2 questions in 5 minutes.


Hi, I am applying for this position this year and have my video application questions to complete. Do you remember what they were like/what they asked you?
Any advice will be helpful. Thanks, Charlotte