PwC Economics Consulting Assessment Centre


Hi there!

Is there anyone who has already been through the Economics Consulting Assessment Centre recently (Internship position)?

  • Is it any different from the AC in the other consulting areas in PwC?
  • Any examples of the business questions that were asked? (If you have applied to similar positions in other companies, your questions and suggestions are welcome as well!)
  • Any suggestions regarding areas in Economics to prepare for the interview?
  • Any other hints or facts about PwC Economics Consulting?

Shall give my feedback once I’m done with the PwC process.

Thanks a lot to everyone, and good luck with your applications!!



hi do u mind me asking when is your AC? And when did u finish your telephone interview?


Hi there! I don’t have an official date for the AC yet, but the Website says it’s around the 13th of Feb.
U can check it here:
I had my interview about a week ago :slight_smile:


Hi, would you mind sharing some information on the first round interview for Economics Consulting?
Thanks! :slight_smile: